Give yourself some credit.

Sometimes we look at others and the ease with which they manoeuvre life and we are tempted to wonder what is wrong with us. The card today is a reminder that those who have ease in relationships may not necessarily be good at relationships and those who are in challenging relationships may not be badContinue reading “Give yourself some credit.”

Spirit of Challenge.

Today’s message is about challenging times and the spirit of challenge. Challenging times can mean external adversity in the form of loss of a job or the business not going well, it could be health issues or a difficult relationship or an ending one, or it could be an internal struggle, something that is makingContinue reading “Spirit of Challenge.”

Lost in your own equations.

We often weigh our lives on the basis of expectations – our own expectations and sometimes others. We weigh ourselves too and many a time come up short. And then we wait – for this to happen or that to happen so we can take the next step. We wait for us to be ready,Continue reading “Lost in your own equations.”

Come to the edge.

It’s quite the scariest thing, to come to the edge but also the most exhilarating. There are times when we need to conquer our fears and step into the unknown, to take that leap of faith trusting our wings will sprout on the way, and that we will soar higher than ever. A big partContinue reading “Come to the edge.”