Weekly Reading

Jan 18th. Movement.

This week you may find that you are in a stage of transition, it could be a physical step into the new and unknown or could be a spiritual step. Maybe it was an external circumstance that led to this movement or maybe you choose it. In either┬ácase, there is either angst or trepidation because… Continue reading Jan 18th. Movement.

Weekly Reading

Expansion. 17th Aug.

There is scope of expansion this week so if there is something that you've wanted to do for a while now is the time to jump into the fray. Anything new does come with some uncertainty and it is natural to feel no small amount of trepidation but the cards ask that you don't fall… Continue reading Expansion. 17th Aug.

Reading for the month

August Reading

There seems to be some movement in the cards for August with a new opportunity taking centre stage. It could be a new job opportunity, a new client or new business or it could even mean a new house or property. Something material or financial that will open up this month. If that something opens… Continue reading August Reading

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20th July – Weekly Reading

The Emperor brings with him the message of material stability, of having a solid base or feeling like you have stable ground beneath your feet. And that is what you will feel by the end of the week. There is however some work to do before you get there. There were some pretty subtle shift… Continue reading 20th July – Weekly Reading

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July Message

There are three parts to the message for July and then a tidbit about this week. The three parts are - the message for the material, the emotional and the spiritual. July corresponds to the number seven in numerology and combined with this year it adds up to the number eleven. The number 7 is… Continue reading July Message

Weekly Reading

Weekly Reading

I'm moving to a weekly reading as the daily one has become a little tough to manage. Let me know how it goes for you :). This week is a rather significant one. If you've been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel it will be there for you. Moreover, you will… Continue reading Weekly Reading

Daily Reading

North Node

And on the heels of yesterday's card comes another one about direction and finding your True North. In our astrology charts are two signs - one for the North node and one for the South. The South node represents your past / past lives and the North node represents your current life. The South is… Continue reading North Node

Daily Reading

The cross

The cross symbolises the need for change and for forward momentum combined with a rubber band effect which is one step forward and two steps back. If you've felt the momentum and then found yourself back two steps, this card is here to let you know that it is the nature of great change. We… Continue reading The cross

Reading for the month

02 2020

How interesting is February?! A 02 month in a 2020 year and 2nd Feb was what is called a Palindrome Day, a day where the date reads the same backwards and forwards. This makes me wonder what you were doing on the 2nd of Feb? Whatever it was, it is not a coincidence but divine… Continue reading 02 2020

Daily Reading

Something new this way comes

Following the heels of yesterday's card is this one - why does that not surprise me! Well, it seems that it is time to get off the hamster's wheel and try something new. If there is something in your life which is giving you the feeling of sameness or having done this before or been… Continue reading Something new this way comes

Daily Reading

Knight of Wands

You may feel a surge of energy today, a feeling of being motivated to 'doing' something, of making it happen. Follow that feeling and go in the direction that it is taking you. The Knight is not so much about starting something new but if continuing what you've already started. You may have already started… Continue reading Knight of Wands

Daily Reading


Spend time with earthly concerns today. Make sure your body is nourished with the right kinds of food, do some grounding exercises if possible, like walking on the grass and be wise regarding your finances today. Eat well, get some exercise, be and feel healthy, don't overspend on frivolous things - all this only for… Continue reading Earth

Announcements & Offers

Movement Forward Workshop

It seems incredible that 15 days into the new year so much seems to have changed. Things do seem to be looking up this year and to catch the energy and momentum of this new year, I'm delighted to announce the 'Movement Forward' workshop in sunny Goa. The idea behind this workshop is to make… Continue reading Movement Forward Workshop

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There is something about the turn of the year that brings with it a sense of fresh breath, a feeling of hope and an opening up of possibilities. The new year has its own energy and one can't help but be swept into that sense of anticipation. For some reason the I have not been… Continue reading 2020

Daily Reading

Six of Swords.

When people talk about following their calling or walking their path, there is a knowing inside, a knowing that this is what they are meant to do. It is often said that if you are not sure that you are on the right path then it is likely that you are not because when it's… Continue reading Six of Swords.