Jan 2020

One thing I forgot to touch upon in the Annual reading is that we use the phrase 20-20 in common parlance to describe perfect vision so in 2020, expect to see things clearly, expect your perspective to change (for the better), and maybe even expect your eyesight to get better. In January, you will haveContinue reading “Jan 2020”

Reading for September.

What is the energy of the month? The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder to us that the wheel is always turning and even as it constantly moves forward, it also goes up and down. The two are inextricably linked – in order to move forward, it has to go up and down and thatContinue reading “Reading for September.”

The High Priestess.

The high priestess is the guardian of the subconscious mind. She operates from an inner knowing and delves deeply into life’s mysteries. When she appears in a reading the message is to listen to your intuition rather than what your rational mind is telling you. It is a message to delve within and to holdContinue reading “The High Priestess.”