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Receiving. 9th Nov.

I love that this message comes a few days before Diwali. I have always thought that our relationship with Goddess Laxmi is somewhat complicated. We want to love her but allow ourselves only one day to fully embrace her. The rest of the days our love is compromised with feelings of guilt and undeservability. Today's… Continue reading Receiving. 9th Nov.

Daily Reading

Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon, and during this time the Moon appears fuller and bigger as the nights get closer to the full Moon. The Waxing Moon is an empowering time, a hopeful time, a time for great potential and promise. Btw, it is the Waxing… Continue reading Waxing Moon

Weekly Reading

New Moon in Sagittarius.

Whatever is coming your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. The new Moon in Sagittarius can mark the restart of fun after a low period. The Sagittarius moon comes with the energy of adventure and excitement and you will find yourself reaching out to bright clothes and may even find… Continue reading New Moon in Sagittarius.

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Mother fierce.

There are times when things really work out for you - maybe you are aligned with your purpose and so they did, maybe you've been doing some self-work and so things really opened up for you, maybe you had help in the form of some earth angels and that can be such a blessing. And… Continue reading Mother fierce.

Weekly Reading

Giving & Taking.

Somewhere between our sacral and root chakra is the seat of our power. It's there for the taking and we can access it anytime we want but sometimes we forget and we lose that connection to our personal power. These are the times when we feel frazzled, when we feel alone, when we feel helpless.… Continue reading Giving & Taking.

Daily Reading

Night Angel.

Leliel is known as the Angel of Night. It is said that she creates starlight for all those who journey in the dark. That her hair becomes pathways for the night travellers. She is the shadow that is the portal to other worlds. The angelarium comes with a very special message for those of us… Continue reading Night Angel.

Daily Reading

Invite magic in.

I am so loving the cards for this week. The goddess of fortune is in your corner today in ways known to you and in many ways unknown to you. If you need a sign then yellow flowers or anything brightly or unexpectedly yellow can be considered a sign for you. You know that you… Continue reading Invite magic in.

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Looks like the reins are firmly in your hands this week. You get to decide which way you are headed and the universe trusts your judgement completely. It is wise to be accepting of life and all that comes with it. It is healthy to not judge people and situations. We can however be discerning… Continue reading Discernment.

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My first card for this week and it's such a beauty - in art and in message. The Moon Maiden comes with a blessing of abundance. Abundance is of course more than wealth and prosperity, it's a feeling of being full, of having enough, of feeling limitless. It could be that many possibilities are open… Continue reading Abundance.

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Black Feather.

More Black from the universe, and it was pretty insistent this time. I noticed a black feather a few days back and then another and another and I thought it was a personal message for me. Then yesterday I must have seen about seven in the course of the day. So here it is, the… Continue reading Black Feather.

Daily Reading

Black cat.

First Black diamond then Black cat - I'm wondering what this blackness is about? One thing is for sure that Kali is riding this energy for me. It's been a while for me, experiencing Kali in this way, and considering she is my favourite goddess, I am just so happy she's making her presence felt.… Continue reading Black cat.