Some good news may come your way today. You may hit an important milestone at work or in your personal life. There may be an announcement of an engagement or anniversary. Something that needs you to take your attention of work and let your hair down and celebrate with the people you love. You mayContinue reading “Celebration.”


A bouquet represents a careful selection of flowers, put together as an expression of love, gratitude or support and solidarity in a difficult time. A bouquet is a symbol for relationships and brings a bright and happy message about the relationships in your life. It signals harmony, grace and beauty. For some this may beContinue reading “Bouquet.”

April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance

I saw the cards for April and had a deja vu moment. It seems like April is going to continue the March messaging. How was March for you? Were there changes in your heart? Was there a shift in how you feel love, how you experience love? There was definitely some talk about forgiveness –Continue reading “April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance”

Ancestor of guidance.

If you find yourself echoing the footsteps of your ancestors, know that they are here to guide you into a new direction that is entirely yours. There is so much that we do subconsciously that mirrors what our forefathers did, even though we are not in the same circumstances. The last thing they would wantContinue reading “Ancestor of guidance.”


The element of water relates to our feelings and emotions. The tides, the moon all have an impact on our mood and it’s no wonder that we find the sound of waves so soothing. The width and depth of the ocean is how large and important our feelings are. We somehow learn to mask ourContinue reading “Emotions.”

Ghost Dance.

This card comes with a special message from our ancestors. There may be a pattern in your life that keeps repeating. It could be a life pattern or a relationship pattern that keeps coming up. Observe and analyse for yourself what this repetitive pattern is. It is likely that it will come up for youContinue reading “Ghost Dance.”

Indulge in life’s pleasures.

This card symbolises extreme comfort and satisfaction, to me. There is a sense of abundance, an openness, a feeling of overflowing emotion and love. And the contentment that comes from being in a safe, looked-after place. You’re probably already experiencing this, and if you aren’t, perhaps you need to reflect on the abundance in yourContinue reading “Indulge in life’s pleasures.”

~ November Reading ~

November brings with it a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of months gone by too fast, and a rush to do things before the year ends. The 11th month on a number 11 year is pretty significant and to top it, we have the Justice card appear in this reading, which is the number 11Continue reading “~ November Reading ~”

Legacy of light.

If you have a particular question in mind and then saw this card, or if you have made / are going to make a creative choice, the Oracle comes to you with a confirmation that this thing you are thinking about or this choice that you are making is of utmost importance to your spiritualContinue reading “Legacy of light.”