Ace of Cups.

ace of cups tarot card meaning

The Ace of Cups heralds a new beginning in affairs of the heart. This doesn’t necessarily mean a new relationship, although it could. It could mean a new love or a new friendship, or even a newness in an existing relationship. It could however also mean that you are ready for a creative endeavour, something new and unexpected or something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but not had the wherewithal to do until now.

The Ace of Cups is here to say that there is an opportunity to satisfy the heart’s longing, especially when it comes to creative expression. Maybe you want to take an art class or go for a dance workshop – anything that makes your heart sing and give wings to your creativity.

In whatever shape or form try doing some creative activity today. It is important to express yourself today, so draw, doodle or just move your body and you will feel better for it.

Keep your heart open and your creative juices flowing today.

December 2019

It’s the end of the year and typically the December reading would be about endings and completion but it feels like a new beginning actually started about a week back. It has been an atypical year with all the fits and starts, the long pauses that end with a flurry of activity. It has been a really introspective year as well, almost like there was a force that pushed you to think about things without and look and see within. The push was important I see now because, for something new to be borne, some deep thought is essential. Most of my attention was on this year being the year of the Hanged Man, what I missed was that this year is the end of a decade and a new decade will start in a month. The turn of a decade is a pretty significant event and this one especially so because the turn will give us a master number year (more about this in the Jan reading :)). So, in a sense this has been a year of endings and the what I thought of as fits and starts…maybe some of them were simply small endings which needed to happen. How was this year for you? Did you notice the pauses? Did some closure happen for you?

The first message for December is to flip it upside down so the last month of the year is a month of new beginnings. If there is something that you thought you would start in the new year, consider starting it now in December or watch for some information or opportunity that will make it possible to start right away.

the hero's journey card deck, flip it upside down

It may be that things get flipped upside down around you or that there is an opportunity for you to flip them around in your mind. It is a natural instinct of ours to run away from our fears or to struggle when we feel that we are sinking. Flipping it around will mean that standing up to what we fear and surrendering instead of struggling, both are opportunities for growth and of owning your personal power. In an upside-down world, we can look at destruction and say that something new is being born here. We can look at an ending and simply see it as change. We are able to see that the worst thing to happen is actually a blessing in disguise.

Flipping things can be magical and it is looking at the world through the eyes of a dreamer. Something that seemed interfering can be seen as care. It can be the same stuff but looked at with the dreamer’s eyes, it becomes completely different. We use this at work and for problem-solving all the time – think outside the box we say but what if we were outside the box all the time, how much more wonderful could regular life be. When I’m upside down, I’m right side up is a good mantra for December.

the hero's journey card deck, ocean of emotion

The second message for December is to dive into the depth of your emotions. The time for dipping your toes had passed and it is time to go in and experience the full gamut of emotions that you carry. For many of us, even as we learn to figure what we are feeling, we are at a loss of how to express it. Many times we try and express our emotions in a calm and gentle manner. These emotions are not meant to be expressed this way. Joy wants to shriek out from the rooftops, sadness demands tears and anger wants to hit out at someone. It doesn’t have to be with other people, you are self-sufficient enough to do these by yourself. A pillow is the most amazing companion when it comes to expressing emotions. You can throw it in the air in exuberance, you can snuggle with it for comfort and you can punch it in anger. Cultivate a healthy relationship with your trusty pillow consciously and it will serve you well.

Keep track of your emotions with respect to your body and to the moon as well. If it is moon time then respect that and take it easy for a few days. If the moon is full and you feel the urge to dance naked, do it. Our sexuality is deeply connected to our emotions. We cannot be or feel sexy and spontaneous if we don’t feel safe and that’s something to deep dive into. Our sexuality is not necessarily satisfied by having sex with someone, it is much more internal than that. It is the feeling of boldness within, of taking what we want without waiting for permission. It is important this month to explore this side of the yin (the yin side of man or woman), the sensual, sexual, spontaneous side.

the hero's journey card deck, the magic zone

The last message for December is that you have entered the magic zone, the zone where you have left who you were and not yet become who you are meant to be. This is a time for great shaping and moulding and the universe is doing its part and you can help by being aware of the shape you want to take. There is a new energy at play here, a childlike wonder at this new creation, and even the playfulness of a child. Let this child come out to play even when you are adulting. Keep the innocence of the child and the magic of creativity alive in all your endeavours because this will enable you to be who you want to be. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process and if you find yourself acting like a child at times don’t chastise yourself.

It’s a short reading this month because the rest of the cards I pulled out are more or less the same and this seems to be the main message for now.

The changeover for you has already begun and you are in this delicious space of becoming. There is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself like never before. This divine gap between who you were and who you are becoming is a cause of celebration. The universe is already in celebration, be bold, be spontaneous, be weird and join in the reverie.

Have a fantastic month ❤

Your field of dreams.

“Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field I will meet you there. It’s the world full of things to talk about.” ~ Rumi

your field of dreams, toni carmine salerno, wisdom of the golden path

I love this quote by Rumi and I’m taking a little licence here and modifying it to “beyond the idea of right and wrong, there is a field”. Our field of dreams is that heart’s desire that has no reason or justification. It’s just that – our hearts desire.

We tend to ignore it because sometimes we think that it may not be possible and sometimes we get caught up in the right and wrong of it.

Today’s message is to not ignore your field of dreams. It may be possible or it may not be, just don’t be the judge of that because however fantastical it might be, there is a very real emotion behind it and the universe responds to that energy, that emotion and gives you what you need, even if it is not that particular fantasy. If we discard or subdue that fantasy then we have lost out the energy and emotion as well.

A flight of fantasy is just our creativity in the form of thoughts and this imagination can take you anywhere. Creative imagination feeds our mind, body and soul. Keep it nurtured and visit it often, you never know what will come out of it. Without it, we would never have had Harry Potter.

Nurture your field of dreams today ❤

*Today’s deck is Wisdom of the Golden Path by Toni Carmine Salerno

August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’s something you have been working on for a while now but you really can’t see how it will ever get sorted. August will bring things to a conclusion one way or another. There are some doors which will be permanently closed for us. But you know the best thing about closed doors right? Some new ones start opening!

moonology deck yasmin boland

Endings are not easy, even when we want them, even when they are good for us, so go easy on yourself and allow events to unfold as they may. You may be tempted to intervene but that will only cause you more distress. It may help you to remember that your soul decided this course of action, at this point in time, for you to learn and grow and evolve. If you’re letting go of somebody or something, know that it is the right thing to do, as hard as it might be. A practice of forgiveness may help you during this time – Ho’oponopono can be a wonderful practice to follow. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you absolve the person of all wrongdoing, it just releases you so that you can move on. True forgiveness is only with our own selves. We often can’t forgive the other because we are unable to forgive ourselves for being in that situation. The essence of forgiveness is to forgive the self so that we can move on.

The Balsamic Moon is a time for healing and to try to move on without healing having taken place is to hobble forward. This is not the time to just put a band-aid on the wound but to maybe take it to an expert. Whatever it is that comes up for you with the end of the last cycle needs more than a slap-dash, so don’t ignore it. Time is the biggest healer provided you acknowledge that something needs to be seen, needs to be healed. Give yourself the time and space and put your energy into you and the moving forward will be easy.

If the ending was a relationship – need not be a romantic one, could even be a colleague or boss – then know that your time with each other is at an end. There is nothing more to be learned, there is no more growth to be had. Think of yourself as a vessel that has been filled to the brim. There have been many wonderful experiences but now there are not-so-great experiences which have taken over. It is time to let go before the vessel becomes more negative than positive.

quan yin oracle, alana fairchild

This experience has helped you grow and become and the direction of your life is going to go through subtle realignments. You may want to make certain adjustments to suit the new you. These may be lifestyle changes or changes in food or exercise patterns. Evaluate what is working for you and what is not and make modifications where required. You may want to detox spiritually or physically and you may experience some body aches or tiredness as you align to this new energy. Don’t struggle through it, just rest it out. You may also find that you are attracting different kind of people into your sphere. As your energy changes, there is more light inside you and this attracts others to your light. These are good changes but it is always advisable to keep your boundaries in place so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You may be tempted to go off on your own to do some soul searching or may just want to cocoon yourself at this time. There is a time and place for both, however, at this time the cards offer the guidance to not choose the hermit’s path but to allow the company of others. Group energy is really powerful and can be a powerful source of upliftment and expansion. Try a workshop or even a healing circle. Balance the me-time with group time if you can.

The first week of August is the first few days after the retrograde and you will feel the shift in energy right away. The days will feel lighter and brighter and you will feel more energetic than before. The sun represents the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of our power. The sun reminds us that we are more powerful than we think and urges us to claim our personal power. It is a reminder that will serve you at work and at personal relationships as well. You can physically tighten your core when you feel that you need it and feel that burst of power within. There is potential for receiving some recognition, maybe even with a financial component.

page of cups, the sun tarot

Along with personal power is need to keep yourself grounded. The cards urge you to remain compassionate even while you stand your ground. If you receive some awards or accolades, remain down-to-earth and resist the temptation to gloat. Just remain kind to others around you even while you celebrate your success.

In the second week, a new idea or opportunity will find its way to you. Open yourself to all possibilities especially if it is a creative project or has something to do with developing your intuition. This may be a time for you to explore your creative-intuitive side as well, maybe you would like to attend a creative workshop and see where that takes you. This week pay attention to your feelings and see what you feel like doing versus what you think you should do. Keep your eye out for signs and synchronicities from the universe this week and pay attention to the messages you receive. Repeated numbers, birds and animals, feathers and shells are all messages to heed from the universe.

two of swords tarot, the heirophant

The third week has the potential for a communication mishap. You may find yourself jumping into conflict impulsively, only to realise later that it wasn’t even your fight. We all do this out of loyalty to a friend or a loved one. We take offence on their behalf and jump in to defend them. This is a watch out from the cards, neither party will thank you for your interference in this matter so look before you leap into the fray. If you feel the urge and are aware of it, you may want to introspect upon it.

In the last week of August, you may face a challenging decision and you will find yourself at a loss about which way to go. Both possibilities may seem equally good or equally bad and you may feel blindsided by them. The advice from the cards is to get more information on either option and to not rush into making an immediate decision. Also, remember that things are not always what they appear to be and sometimes a little distance can give us the perspective we need. Take your time and gather the facts before you decide.

In summary, there will be an ending or completion of sorts in August. This completion has been a long time coming and it is for the greater good of all concerned. Take time to grieve for what is lost, and acknowledge its contribution to your life but also be aware of the possibilities that have opened up for you now. With this end, there will be some realignment and restructuring of your life and also within. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process of change and growth.

Much love.


There is some more yin to be explored today, this time with creativity and expression. The first thought that comes to mind is – how many of us actually think we are creative? and what does being creative really mean? Can I be creative even if I’m not doing it deliberately or professionally?

We are all born highly creative – can you imagine a little child saying ‘no, no I can’t draw well’ :D? All kids can draw, paint and colour and they do it with gusto (much to the detriment of our walls and carpets), until a time comes when we start rating them and comparing them and their art to another’s.

The message today is to know that you are as creative as anyone else in the world. Don’t rate and don’t compare – and don’t allow anyone else to either. Whatever your expression, it is the best, most beautiful expression there is, because it is yours. No one else can replicate it even if they try. It is yours – own it.

The creative act opens up channels that allow emotions to emerge in a healthy way. It’s not a conscious process, it just happens – sometimes we become aware of our emotions, sometimes we release stuff without realising it, sometimes we find clarity and sometimes we find pure satisfaction. Whatever the reason, if creativity calls today or any other day, answer that call because that’s the body and soul calling for you to see something, to release something, to feel something.

Although there are so many things to do creatively, I would suggest doodling or colouring with your left hand (or non-dominant hand) today. Don’t plan what you want to draw, just take a blank page and see what comes out. More often than not you will figure out for yourself what emerged. (I would really love to know what you draw! Btw, to write a comment all you need to do is reply to the mail and it posts as a comment). And more often than not you will feel much better than before. This is an awesome exercise to do when you are feeling disturbed or confused and don’t really know how you feel. This helps get in touch with your emotions and also helps us process them in a beautiful way. And really who doesn’t have fun drawing!!

Have fun drawing today ❤

Message from the fish.

Another message of abundance for this week- how awesome is that! How was last week for you? Did you notice what all happened? Was it a busy week? I sold a couple of paintings last week which is not something that happens all that often so am quite delighted to receive another abundance message.

The fish symbolizes fertility, creativity, good luck, and abundance. The fish itself symbolises the water element which is all about emotions and feelings (and all the other fish symbolism), and it represents the deeper awareness of the unconsciousness or higher self. Expect to have a spate of good luck and more of everything but do be aware of what this more is doing to you emotionally and spiritually.

If you love water or have an affinity with water creatures, then this message is amplified for you. It is time for you to allow your yin side to take the lead. This week, go with the flow, be creative, be receptive, ease up and enjoy what you do (or do what you enjoy) but also be aware of what comes up for you emotionally. You may think that a random tiff has nothing to do with your ability to receive but when things happen around the same time they are connected. A lot of us usually have something not so good happen when lots of good things are happening and we say ah well, can’t have everything or chalo, nazar nahi lage :D. These are not random occurrences, this is our capacity to receive and most of us have trouble receiving fully and till we are full.

The watch out message that comes with this card is related to what happens to you when good things happen? Observe yourself and your body. Too much water can be a deluge and it can cause feelings of overwhelm. Btw, I am sitting with a fractured finger so I definitely have some of that overwhelm happening. It also tells me how I react to good stuff happening. So watch out for the overwhelm or anything else that comes up for you. Mostly, it’s not about doing anything about it or feeling bad about yourself, just being aware of it makes it far easier.

Have an awesome week ❤


I was going to skip today as I’m at my art exhibition today. But then surrounded by so much shiva, some words needed to be said.

Shiva is so many things – he is a god but he walked the earth, he is the ultimate masculine yet he is also the ultimate husband, he destroys and he creates, he is thunderous and he is pure love and consciousness, he is all this and more. He is a God god and he is the god of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

He is because he can be all of these things and that is the message for today. To stop typecasting yourself into any way of being. You can be this and that. Wise and foolish. Afraid and brave. A good friend and a bad friend. Introverted and extroverted. Happy and sad. Today yes and tomorrow no. Don’t create moulds for yourself and certainly don’t attempt to fit into any moulds. Be. Be all of it. And change and flow and go this way and that.

Watch out for your sign from Shiva today 👁️


My first card for this week and it’s such a beauty – in art and in message. The Moon Maiden comes with a blessing of abundance. Abundance is of course more than wealth and prosperity, it’s a feeling of being full, of having enough, of feeling limitless. It could be that many possibilities are open in front of you and that is your abundance. It could be that you are suddenly surrounded with family and friends and other well-wishers and that could be abundance. It could be many projects pouring in and you being able to cherry pick the work you want to do. All of these are facets of abundance and this is the energy that is flowing in this week.

Attracting abundance is a function of our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions, and our energy. The Moon Maiden asks that you pay attention to the energy you put out this week. The energy of gratitude, the energy of overflowing love and joy, of abundant hugs and arms wide open, of giving generously and openly is what attracts abundance. Giving can be love and good wishes from the heart, it can be sharing your food, it can be kindness or even sharing knowledge or your talent. Give only if you want to though, not out of a sense of obligation or something that you should be doing (the universe doesn’t count that as giving :)).

To get the feeling of being full and overflowing, try and hang around a garden full of flowers, or maybe just keep some flowers at home or a bowl full of fruit on the table. Nature’s abundance is of the best kind and can’t be mistaken for anything else.

If you’ve not been feeling this way for some time, know that change is already underway. The universe just asks for you to be open to it. And to share it with all those around you.

Have a lovely full day ❤

Identity & Expression

There are many things that give shape to the person we become. Some things we are born with, some things we can attribute to how and where we grew up and where we are now, a lot of what makes up us is the choices we make and then there is this little spark-soul which lies just above our heart and just below the throat. That spot we touch when we say I or me, the place we touch when we make a promise. Our identity is a combination of all these and when there is no pull or push within these, life is good. The trouble arises when we try to fulfill every one of those, except our soul-spark.

As long as we feel that we are not enough – not enough mother or wife or daughter – we keep striving to be a better version of that, which leaves no time to feed our creative identity. The card today wants you to know that you are enough exactly the way you are. There is no better mother-spouse-sister to be and it’s an exercise in futility because if you ignore your soul-spark you will never feel enough.

If you are up to it, place your hand on your thymus and and do this exercise. Start by saying hello to the inner you and taking a few minutes to connect, then ask yourself how do I feel today? What do I feel like doing today? What will give me joy? What activity will soothe this inner fire? In what way can I express who I am?

I’m saying today because it’s easier to start with something small. Also, creative expression is not just one thing, it could be singing today and painting tomorrow and gardening day after. You may want to fix yourself a lovely creative meal today or have time to only prune one pot, whatever it is, do it and if it soothes you, do another tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be an activity that you need to pursue professionally, it just needs to give you joy and satisfaction. Once you find that thing, try and feed it on a regular basis. Don’t hold back because of time and other commitments. Do this and all will fall into place.

Have a creative day ❤

April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance

I saw the cards for April and had a deja vu moment. It seems like April is going to continue the March messaging. How was March for you? Were there changes in your heart? Was there a shift in how you feel love, how you experience love? There was definitely some talk about forgiveness – how was that for you?

If March was about looking at and perceiving love in a new way then April will be about settling into the new feeling, of not rejecting the old but allowing the old and the new to co-exist. April will be all about balance – in love, at work, with movement and with stillness, with giving and with receiving. In the past few months, you may have felt a sense of lopsidedness – maybe you have been giving too much or maybe you have been leaning too much, there may have been too much waiting and not enough movement. Usually, after a period of waiting there is a rush to do and maybe to overdo but the April energy encourages you to not rush into overdoing. This month has a perfectly balanced yin and yang energy and you will find within yourself the balance that has been missing without you having named it as such. Anytime you feel off-centre take time to breathe. A great breathing exercise at this time is when your intake breath is the same length and consistency as your out breath.

There is some newness in this month as well. At work, there may be a new project that comes up or you may find yourself suddenly interested in a new craft or hobby, or there may be a new relationship which is brewing for you (relationship could mean friendship, not necessarily a romantic one). Like a seed which is planted, you need to give attention and nurturance to the seed. The growth of a seed to sapling to a healthy plant is a slow and gradual process. You need to water and add nutrients and even protect it for quite a while before the plant starts flowering or giving fruit. This is true of the something new that is beginning in your life now. If it’s a new project it requires the hard work and nurturance now for it to bear fruit later. The new thing in your life is a long term project so have your goals set and measure its success only from a long term perspective. The giving, as the card suggests is the investment that you are putting in and there will be a lag between when the time of investment and the time of rewards from the investment. If you are creating something new put your energies into the project but don’t look for rewards in the immediate future. The same goes for a new relationship (it could also be newness in an old relationship, btw), both parties give more in the initial stages of a relationship. Giving more in April means investing more, be it a project or relationship.

Newness and change are always accompanied by some fears. There is excitement with change and there is also trepidation. Both co-exist and we need both for balance. The challenge this month will be acknowledging the fear because unless we acknowledge something there is no chance of conquering it. Sometimes our fear with change, even when we so badly want it, is that it will not last, that it will be taken away from us. The best thing to do with this feeling is to bring yourself to the present and enjoy what is today. The Reiki prayer starts with the line – Just for today, I will not worry. It’s a fabulous principle to live by. What do you choose to do Just for today?

Sometimes the fear is just uncertainty about the future – especially if there is an investment that is being made. The danger here is the focus on obstacles in the journey. The Journey is meant to be enjoyed not endured. The journey is meant to teach, not punish. Your attitude at the start of the journey will determine the course. You can carry the fear like a little child who is scared to take the first step and treat it with kindness – just don’t allow the child to be in the driver’s seat :).

The Hanged Man makes an appearance in the reading (yet again!), however, in this case, I would see it like a transition message rather than a pause message. This is the time that you are transitioning and it can be difficult to change in front of other people. Even the caterpillar finds a tucked away spot to cocoon. The thing is that you cannot stay in the cocoon and butterfly you will become one way or the other. Remember this when you feel the urge to stay in your snug cocoon.

The first week of April will be a blissful week with family and friends taking centre stage. There may have been some turmoil with too many thoughts buzzing in your head or too much emotion that you couldn’t name in the last week or so. All that will settle down this week. Make plans to meet up with friends or hang out with your family this week, you need the love and cheer they offer you.
The second week of April is when something new will be introduced in your present mix. This is the newness and change which will carry on to the rest of the month.

In the third week, you will feel inspired and energetic and be so ready to take action and the universe will support you in your endeavours. Things will fall into place at the right time and tasks will get completed in record time. Overall it will be an action-oriented week with a lot of flow – make sure you use the energy for the priority projects.
The last week will see you in perfect alignment with what you have set out to do. If it’s a project or a creative hobby, you will be perfectly pleased with the output you have generated.

To sum up, there is a new project or idea or relationship that will require investment of time, effort or even finances. Go into it full-heartedly and you will be really happy with the outcome. The rewards of this investment will bear fruit in the future and not immediately but that should not hold you back from being happy about a job well done. Keep the balance in relationships and in work life. Work, play, rest, give, receive, stop, move – recognise that they are not opposing forces but complementary ones.


It’s been a while since the last prosperity message and I’m quite happy to receive these tidings. This is not so much of prosperity now but prosperity soon, as new moon means new beginnings. So it’s the beginning of the road to prosperity.

Which means that it is the perfect time to examine your relationship with money (and prosperity and abundance). How you respond to money? How money responds to you? Is there a push and pull in this relationship? Who has the upper hand or are both parties in balance? Is money making you happy or is it a reason for stress?

It is also a good time to set your personal goals and aspirations, not just prosperity goals but the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. You will get all that you desire but you must believe in yourself, believe that you are worthy of all the things that you want. If needed, do an exercise that makes you value yourself, even a simple affirmation will work.

It seems to be a good day to start a gratitude journal or do a money workshop. In physical terms, put some money in a recurring deposit or an fd.

We often feel that it is somehow wrong to focus on money, that we should have some higher persuits but the truth is that we live in a physical world and money does make life much more comfortable for our physical selves. Which in turn leaves us more time and space for creative and spiritual persuits. Everything has a place and by excluding money we create a void. You don’t have to chase it, you just need to acknowledge it and make place for it in your life.

New moon in Taurus says that you will soon have what you desire. That thing that was out of reach will suddenly become affordable. Take time (and money) to have the creature comforts you want. And be grateful for what you already have.

Have a super awesome day ❤

Tree of life.

The tree of life represents our connection to the Earth and to the Sky, to the Material and the Spiritual. It represents our passage in this life, of not having one or the other but needing both material and spiritual. The best kind of life is a balance of being and doing.

If you find yourself too much in the head, thinking and planning or dreaming and fantasizing, take time to come back to earth. Do some grounding exercises and connect with your roots. It’s time to implement some plans rather than have one idea after the next. Fruition is important for any kind of movement ahead. Let one or two of your plans bear fruit before you get thinking on your next big idea.

On the other hand, if you are feeling stuck and there seems to be no movement in the horizon, ask yourself when was the last time you visualised the things that you want or the life that you wanted. Having dreams and desires, even fantastical ones, opens us up to inspiration and creativity.

Whichever side you are in, try and add the other to bring about balance and therefore movement. Being a conscious creator means having both, doing both.

May your roots go deep and your branches high today.

Much love.

February ~ Potential & Possiblity

January may have been a time for transition for you – of leaving the familiar behind and journeying to places unknown. Either a physical leaving or an internal transition – of leaving behind the old you, old ideas and beliefs or an earlier way of being and stepping forward to a new you. This newness will serve you well as you take the first step towards February.

February comes with it with a whiff of potential and smattering of possibilities. It feels like it will be a very balanced month with room to work and enough room to play. There may be a time or two when you feel the pinch or lack, in friends or in finances but it will soon pass and you will be back to feeling abundant quickly. The same may be true for the affairs of the heart. There may be heartbreak or heart-hurt but you will bounce back pretty easily – either it was a false alarm or you will soon realise that it was the best thing for you. 

You will find yourself having mastery over your emotions. Not in terms of having control over them but dealing with them in a healthy manner. Sometimes a good cry or beating a pillow can be the best thing we can do for ourselves instead of bottling in the hurt or rage. You may have a feeling of being betrayed by the one you love. You may feel that you have put in so much work in the relationship and you deserve better. At this point, remember that you have mastery over your emotions and you can deal with it in a healthy way. You can choose to have a conversation or you can choose to do some introspection.

The ups and downs of life are a natural part of existence. Sometimes we get knocked down, sometimes we suffer a loss, and all depends on whether we stay knocked down or choose to rise up. The image in the card is of two destitute people who are so lost in their misery that they don’t see the warm light from the window beckoning them. Setbacks happen, how to choose to respond to them is what makes up your life. It may not be good now but the situation can and will change, but not if you focus on what is lost. Keep your attention on what you have and on the potential of the future. The best thing that happens when something doesn’t work out or a door closes is the possibilities that open up. We tend to focus on the closed door, trying our hardest to open it, not realising that so many other doors are open, just waiting for us to walk through them. 

February will be a month where you may feel that you are yo-yo-ing or going around in circles. Some financial loss and then some financial gain, heartbreak but then a shining light, and that is the energy of the month. The High Priestess rules the month of February and duality is her nature. She is both black and white, she is the middle path, and she is inner knowing. The more you accept this duality the easier the month is going to be for you. Keep in mind that in February it’s not ‘either-or’ but ‘and’.

The High Priestess is also a highly intuitive being and your intuition will be heightened this month. Intuition is nothing but the heart and mind in perfect harmony. Intuition is when you instinctively know something without having logical reasoning for it, but it’s not just your heart or gut at play here, there is so much more our subconscious mind knows and sometimes it makes decisions for us by going through the logic and reasoning at a lightning speed, leaving us with an answer or decision that feels right but we don’t quite know how we got there. The mind is fully involved in the process of being intuitive and more likely than not you can retrofit any rational argument to it, so don’t dismiss your intuition as airy-fairy but use it to maximum advantage. 

In the Home front, the Owl comes with a message of wisdom and intuition. Let your intuition guide to making some changes in decor and if someone tells you that leaky taps mean a leak in wealth – listen to that as well. As a general rule fix leaky taps and stopped clocks, they have a strong metaphysical connect. Sometimes your inner voice comes to you in the guise of an external voice. 

In relationships, try to keep your individuality and originality alive. If both parties think and act the same there is no room for growth and gain. Appreciate the other, learn from the other but keep the authentic bits of you alive. If there is an opportunity for you which doesn’t include the other, give it due consideration and try to make it work. In the long term, it is something that could work out for both. 

Work wise you may have a feeling of nostalgia about how things were earlier or even at a previous work-place and although it is good to cherish fond memories, that place, that time, doesn’t exist anymore. Even if you were to go back things would not be the same because you have changed and where you are currently is exactly the right place for you to be. 
February is a month of promise and potential and of duality, of gain and loss, of newness and of mastery. Your intuition will be heightened this month despite the contradictions or maybe because of them. Keep your balance this month and walk the middle path. 

Have an awesome Feb ❤

5 of Pentacles.

The 5 of pentacles represents some money going out the window. You may encounter some unexpected expenses today or even regret a purchase you made. You may think why this, why now but keep in mind that the universe is always working for you. So a scratch or a dent in the car is much better than the car breaking down.

The card can mean lack or a rather a perceived sense of lack. If you don’t have money to buy that big thing that you want, turn your attention to all that you can get with what you have.

Lack can be material and lack can be emotional as well. You may feel the lack in one relationship, or one part of the relationship but turn and look at the relationships that are abundant or the sides that give you everything that you need. Keep your attention on what you have versus what you have lost.

If you are planning to make a big purchase today, just sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Much love to you today 💙


Pachamama, the Goddess of the Earth is known to us by many names. Gaia, Devi, Oshun, Innana. She is the mother goddess, nature itself, the creator of life, of fertility and is revered across cultures. It is her drop of divine blood that flows within us. You can ask for her blessings if undertaking an earth-related project (a new house or planting). In fact, it is a good day to do something earth or nature related. If you feel stuck or unsure about something you can call her for guidance.

It’s definitely a day to walk on grass or just your bare feet on the ground.

Maybe you will be called to support nature conservation today – do answer that call :). Maybe you’ll come across some information or inspiration on how to help the planet and you’ll find it easy to incorporate it in your life. Whatever it is – say yes to it!

Even as she nurtures, there is a dark and terrible form of destruction in her as well – think volcanoes, floods and droughts. Yet that is nature, that is her aspect, and we accept it because that is how it is. I wonder then why it is so difficult to accept the dark and terrible form of ourselves. That is also as natural as it gets. We can be kind one moment and cutting the next. We can be loving to people but snap at them when they annoy us. The message from Pachamama is to be all of yourself – in all your dark glory. Embrace it, don’t hide away from it.

I’ve started reading the Descent to the Goddess, it’s the story of Innana and Ereshkigal (sisters, or maybe aspects of each other?) and how Innana descends to the underworld where Ereshkigal resides. I’ve also been having conversations about ‘womanhood’ with my awesome Therapist. Of how difficult it is to accept that a woman can be a mother and a whore (the beauty of it is that you have to have sex to be a mother!!). Nurturing and destructive. Giver of life and the taker as well. Why do we have to be either or? Why can’t I be both? Again, it’s not so much external than internal. Unconsciously, we are constantly choosing one or the other. No one has ever suggested to me ‘be both’ till now. Here is my submission to you – try choosing both today!

I have tons more to say about sexuality and the wild woman – maybe I’ll do a separate post for that later 🙂

Much love from my dark and light aspect today ❤