Message from the clouds.

You may experience some cloudiness today – some confusion of the mind or cloudiness in vision. You may have been clear about the path you have taken in the past but now you are feeling unsure about the decision you have taken. Cloudiness on occasion can be a good thing as it makes you stopContinue reading “Message from the clouds.”

Lost in your own equations.

We often weigh our lives on the basis of expectations – our own expectations and sometimes others. We weigh ourselves too and many a time come up short. And then we wait – for this to happen or that to happen so we can take the next step. We wait for us to be ready,Continue reading “Lost in your own equations.”

July 2019

July promises to be a month of introspection, of going within and finding the answers you seek or have sought for a while. It is a month of looking at things with a new perspective and a childlike wonder of having not seen them before like this. It is a month which will make usContinue reading “July 2019”