Go with the flow.

It’s a good day to travel, especially if you are heading to a watery place. It is also a good day to flow into whatever you are doing rather than struggle through it. If you felt the effects of the moon changing phases, then you’ve already had a bad night and are operating at aContinue reading “Go with the flow.”

The circle of life.

We know this, we see this all around us, the interconnectedness of all things, the continuum of life, of birth and death. All things are born and all things die. Some are long lived and some spark only briefly. The circle is here to remind us that we are meant to to come to anContinue reading “The circle of life.”

Conflict is my teacher.

A compromise can be when both parties feel that they won or when both parties feel that they lost. The way to make the former happen is to remind yourself that everyone has their own version of reality, which may not agree with your version. They are just being true to their interests and priorities,Continue reading “Conflict is my teacher.”

Should I go or should I stay?

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting day today.  The only way I can read these two cards together is ‘should I stay or should I go?’. This can be a big life question – should I leave this job or should I leave this relationship? It can also be the small stuff thatContinue reading “Should I go or should I stay?”

A blessing for peace.

If you find trouble sitting on your shoulder, reminding you of all that you should be worried and fearful about, let this blessing of peace settle over you. If there is this thought that is buzzing around in your mind, take it to it’s conclusion and tell yourself ‘…and that’s all right’. For eg. TheContinue reading “A blessing for peace.”

Breaking patterns.

It’s the last week of September (a number 9 month, which is about releasing what doesn’t serve), so it’s not surprising that these cards chose to come out. When an Ancestor card appears trials and challenges are not far behind. Quite a process is involved in breaking a pattern or condition that has been withContinue reading “Breaking patterns.”

September 15. Co-operation.

Whatever comes up today, make sure that you take into account the others thoughts, feelings and views into account. The situation is interwoven with people other than yourself and by taking them into account you have a far surer way to get what you want. You can proceed with strife but it will alienate thoseContinue reading “September 15. Co-operation.”