March 2019

March energies seem to be a lot about the heart, of love and relationships, of opening up the heart to self and to others, of inclusion, of being separate yet connected. I’ve just come back from the incredible inner child healing workshop and a lot of what I saw there, I am seeing in theContinue reading “March 2019”

Ancestor of guidance.

If you find yourself echoing the footsteps of your ancestors, know that they are here to guide you into a new direction that is entirely yours. There is so much that we do subconsciously that mirrors what our forefathers did, even though we are not in the same circumstances. The last thing they would wantContinue reading “Ancestor of guidance.”

Ghost Dance.

This card comes with a special message from our ancestors. There may be a pattern in your life that keeps repeating. It could be a life pattern or a relationship pattern that keeps coming up. Observe and analyse for yourself what this repetitive pattern is. It is likely that it will come up for youContinue reading “Ghost Dance.”

The raven.

Ravens have long been associated with mysticism, featuring as familiars and spirit animals in ancient texts. They are considered to be harbingers and said to be able to walk the line between this world and the other(s). When the raven appears, it is a powerful message for you, come from your ancestors and spirit guides,Continue reading “The raven.”

A wondrous gift.

Something lovely and wondrous is on its way to you. A soft, gentle, unobtrusive, wonderful gift that you might miss if you are not here, now, in the present moment. Our memories, both happy and unhappy ones, tend to distract us from the present moment. There is a time and place for these memories weContinue reading “A wondrous gift.”

Legacy of light.

If you have a particular question in mind and then saw this card, or if you have made / are going to make a creative choice, the Oracle comes to you with a confirmation that this thing you are thinking about or this choice that you are making is of utmost importance to your spiritualContinue reading “Legacy of light.”

The circle of life.

We know this, we see this all around us, the interconnectedness of all things, the continuum of life, of birth and death. All things are born and all things die. Some are long lived and some spark only briefly. The circle is here to remind us that we are meant to to come to anContinue reading “The circle of life.”

These mountains you carry.

Today’s message is for you to consider delegating some of what you carry. You may want to do all of it or maybe you feel that no one will be able to help you or that it is only your responsibility. At times it may not even occur to you to ask for help. ExamineContinue reading “These mountains you carry.”

Breaking patterns.

It’s the last week of September (a number 9 month, which is about releasing what doesn’t serve), so it’s not surprising that these cards chose to come out. When an Ancestor card appears trials and challenges are not far behind. Quite a process is involved in breaking a pattern or condition that has been withContinue reading “Breaking patterns.”