Series : Here there be Dragons

“Here there be Dragons” This is a motley collection of works with aliens, dragons, and other creatures. It’s a collection that is really close to my heart because even though it was not intentional, my love for fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi is coming through.

Twilight Conversations
If two dragons were having a conversation over a campfire, what stories would they have to tell?
Take me to the Sky
In a land far far away…the coils of a sea creature
We had a short story in our english text book about an extra terristrial called Quta-pie. Somehow that story of some 30 yrs ago is still with me. This is what I would imagine him/her to be like.

This one is for Ganesha, the elephant god. because all I can see is the outline of an elephant head in the Sky.

Aliens among Us
So much of my life I’ve felt like an outsider and often described myself from another planet. What if?

Red Sea
In a land far far away…the coils of a sea creature. You know that scene in Star Wars?!
Finding your tribe.