Weekly Reading

Boundaries. 29th Sept.

I've been attempting to write this post since yesterday but time seems to be running away from me. And that is exactly what the message for this week is about. If September has been busy for you, the busy-ness will continue for a few days more. The cards say that there will be time for… Continue reading Boundaries. 29th Sept.

Announcements & Offers

Manifesting Abundance

The second abundance workshop is on for tomorrow, 25th Sept. It's a short 2-hour workshop starting at 10.30. The Zoom details for it for below. Energy exchange is Rs.1100/- This workshop is based on Constellation work and here we will look at the subconscious blocks to money and abundance. The first bit will be about receiving… Continue reading Manifesting Abundance

Weekly Reading

The path. 21t Sept.

When we were but little drops of energy waiting to take material form, we had a plan, a path (and I'm sure we were all excited droplets!). We signed up for this journey and even though we have forgotten what it was there is an inner compass that remembers. It's that thing within which chooses… Continue reading The path. 21t Sept.

Daily Reading

Talk on Family Constellation

This is now scheduled for the coming Saturday. It is meant for those who are interested in Constellation work and for those who are already doing the work. The intent for this talk is to demystify some parts of the work and to know why we do the things we do during a session. We… Continue reading Talk on Family Constellation

Weekly Reading

Contentment. 14th Sept.

This week, you will find that all your ducks are in a row. The stars are aligned to make things happen for you. The man in the card is sitting quite self satisfied and that's how you should feel this week. If you are worrying about something rest assured that if it is meant for… Continue reading Contentment. 14th Sept.

Daily Reading

Talk on Constellation

Apologies, something has come up for tomorrow and I won't be able to do the talk on Family Constellation. I'll re-schedule and post the details in a bit.

Weekly Reading

The Invitation. 7th Sept.

This week, there is an invitation from the divine feminine to come play in her depths. The Moon in its many aspects is the divine feminine - the waning and waxing and its fullness depict the maiden-mother-crone. Its pull at our emotions is the feminine aspect. Its gentleness and its many moods are the yin… Continue reading The Invitation. 7th Sept.

Reading for the month, Weekly Reading

September 2020.

There's something magical about the month of September. It's the turn of the season and for us, the festival season starts around this time. We have already welcomed Ganesha and the 9 Goddesses will follow soon enough. The September moon is called the Harvest Moon and that's the beauty of this month that even though… Continue reading September 2020.

Weekly Reading

24th Aug. The Devil.

The Devil is a pretty interesting card in the Tarot deck with layers of meaning. It can mean the ego, it can mean temptation and addiction, it can mean also mean fear. Today though, entrapment is what is standing out for me. The two people in the card have chains around their necks but if you look… Continue reading 24th Aug. The Devil.

Weekly Reading

Expansion. 17th Aug.

There is scope of expansion this week so if there is something that you've wanted to do for a while now is the time to jump into the fray. Anything new does come with some uncertainty and it is natural to feel no small amount of trepidation but the cards ask that you don't fall… Continue reading Expansion. 17th Aug.

spiritual gaslighting
Weekly Reading

10th August 2020

A while back I had attended a healing workshop and something about one particular person made me quite uncomfortable. After really tossing it around in my mind and in my body I decided to let me mentor know that this person had transgressed and that I felt unsafe in an environment that should make me… Continue reading 10th August 2020

Daily Reading

Manifesting Abundance Vol. I

The first in the Manifesting Abundance series starts 8th Aug. The plan is to do a series of online workshops over the next few months. In the workshops we will do some practical stuff, some body work and some woo-woo stuff (because magic!). This first one is at 11 am on Saturday, for an hour or so… Continue reading Manifesting Abundance Vol. I

Reading for the month

August Reading

There seems to be some movement in the cards for August with a new opportunity taking centre stage. It could be a new job opportunity, a new client or new business or it could even mean a new house or property. Something material or financial that will open up this month. If that something opens… Continue reading August Reading

Weekly Reading

28th July – Reading for the week.

I was tinkering with my site yesterday and an old post got sent out which was quite an interesting development as I was unable to do the weekly reading yesterday. I'm guessing that it must have been relevant for someone and this is just the universe getting the message across 🙂 How was last week… Continue reading 28th July – Reading for the week.

Daily Reading, Weekly Reading

20th July – Weekly Reading

The Emperor brings with him the message of material stability, of having a solid base or feeling like you have stable ground beneath your feet. And that is what you will feel by the end of the week. There is however some work to do before you get there. There were some pretty subtle shift… Continue reading 20th July – Weekly Reading