Manifesting Abundance Workshop

Vol. I – 8th Aug, 2020

The first in the Manifesting Abundance series starts 8th Aug. The plan is to do a series of online workshops over the next few months.

In the workshops we will do some practical stuff, some bodywork and some woo-woo stuff (because magic!) that will open up barriers to abundance, teach us to receive with abundance and take the first few steps towards an abundant life. This first one is at 11 am on Saturday, 8th Aug, for an hour or so on Zoom. Energy exchange is 500/-.

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Looking forward to seeing you there! 

I did an Abundance workshop with Darpan a few years ago and it really helped shift my understanding of and relationship with money, prosperity and abundance. There have been more undeniably positive flows through my life since then. Plus Darpan brings a wonderful energy to all her workshops and readings!” ~ JF, Goa

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