Love for Tarot

Over the years, doing readings for people — whether for queries and situations, for guidance and insights, or just as a daily habit — has not only helped my practice and deepened my understanding, but also presented the opportunity to connect with likeminded people. Tarot and Oracle cards has facilitated some wonderful connections with people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. Here’s a glimpse at some of the experiences my clients have had with Tarot and Oracle cards.


Following the page for some months now. Messages from angels/Mother Kuan Yin are totally in sync with what’s going on inside me. Healing sessions like full moon have helped clear my negativity and focus on my spiritual path. If you are on this page and reading this, it is no coincidence but a divine nudge to follow this path. So go ahead and contact Darpan (how beautiful that my guide is a person titled Mirror)! — Shanu Bansal


I love your page! — Saatvika Mangharam, Bangalore, India


I have found Darpan’s readings to be deeply intuitive and emotional, and they have helped me gain perspectives I most needed to see, several times in my life. The idea of getting a reading done itself — as a tool to look at things differently — has changed the way I approach “issues” and situations. In the past Darpan’s readings have helped me unlock abundance in my work and career, find a more intuitive path to peace of mind and balance in my emotions, as well as directed me in discovering a new purpose in my life that I didn’t know was waiting for me.  — Revati. Bangalore, India


The guidance and experiences have been amazing! The course of Angel card readings are mystic and help me every day. The full moon and new moon sessions are powerful and set intents and releases in motion. Just too happy to be connected through them with my spiritual self. A big thank you for everything. — Billy Sidhu, Goa India


An inspired and sincere team. Thank you Darpan. I can vouch for you! — Priya Sawhney


What an absolutely delightful ride! There is something for everyone. I have benefitted from the blessings of the Reiki showers and the Tarot readings are simply bang on. Ask your questions clearly and believe me ye shall receive equally clearly. The peace pendant is a good one to keep….Keep the circle of positivity going Darpan! — Sonia Singh


I’ve said it before and I say it again: I adore all the work you do, and I hope you can reach out to millions and bring to them the gift of healing the way you brought to me. — Saumya Pandey Jain

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