A bouquet represents a careful selection of flowers, put together as an expression of love, gratitude or support and solidarity in a difficult time. A bouquet is a symbol for relationships and brings a bright and happy message about the relationships in your life. It signals harmony, grace and beauty.

For some this may be new beginnings in new relationships or a rekindling of an old relationship too. It is important to state here that this doesn’t necessarily only mean a romantic relationship. Friendships or relationships with close family members count too.

If you have been feeling drawn to connect with someone, but are holding yourself back, this card confirms that you are in fact ready. The outcome of reaching out to make that connection will bring you contentment.

So, who will you extend this beautiful bouquet to, today 💐💚

Make magic.

What a perfect card to follow yesterday’s message!

The Magician is the ultimate manifestor, equipped with all that is needed to make dreams, aspirations and wishes come to fruition. If yesterday’s message was a call to reflect on the path towards your dreams, today’s message is to move forth with alacrity and focus on all that you have kept in planning or waiting.

The key to success is usually a good alignment of your inner world or your souls desires with your outer world and life as you live it. To ensure a greater alignment, you could spend some time distilling the “whys” of your aspirations. It’s always a good idea to check if dreams that have been long nursed are still as special and hold as much lure and promise, and if so, why.

Another way to look at this is that our inner worlds are the source of what is manifested in our outer world. The clearer our focus and intention or our desires, the greater the likelihood of success in making them happen. The thoughts we keep, the ideas we nurture and the attitudes we hold close have a huge influence on the way the world reflects and responds to us.

The Magician is here to let you know that theres no better time than now. You are perfectly poised to take that first definitive step towards this idea or potential plan you have been nurturing. You have the wisdom and resources, external support from well-wishers, adequate wherewithal and inner strength and also divine timing working in your favour. If you have been contemplating certain changes, or working towards a specific idea, whether at work or in life, this is your go-ahead to move to the next steps of action in making them happen. The world is your oyster and you are being invited to strike while the time is ripe for the taking.

Full moon in Capricorn.

What a perfect card to have popped up, since last night we had the full moon, in Capricorn no less! And what is being called a rather powerful Lunar Eclipse for this year.

With this moon cycle, a period of challenges seems to be coming to a close. If you have been feeling particularly stretched in any area of your life — whether emotionally, professionally, with health, your family or in relationships — know that the end of that phase is near. While you may not be immediately aware, or it may not be obvious at the moment, even the toughest adversities bring with them some gifts. It is a good day to reflect on what some of these may have been for you.

Additionally, the sun is in Cancer, at the moment, which brings a focus on personal life and emotions. The moon, on the other hand, is in Capricorn, which is all about career. So perhaps it is going to be a good day to reflect about the nature in which you are balancing work and life. Are you foregoing one for the other? Does you heart really lie with one, more than the other? Do you feel the need for a break? Is there an imbalance? If so, think about how you can you bring back balance for yourself.

The message for today is to use this potent time to reflect on all that has happened for you during this difficult time. What have been your lessons? What are you ready to let go of? Deep in the throes of difficulty, has some clarity emerged? Is the path ahead looking different suddenly? This is a good time to reflect on where your life is headed, and to do any minor course corrections towards that, so that your focus and your potential are aligned with what you value the most in life right now.

The full moon period is also a high-energy time for all kinds of release. So as you realign yourself and your focus, take the time today to think about all that you are now ready to let go of, and as you make space for the new, invite all that you desire.

The energy of this full moon, ruled by the goat — a persistent, steady, doer kind of animal — is definitely one of action. So while you reflect, don’t lose yourself in thoughts or stay in your head. Move swiftly into action and translate your plans to actions. If there are changes you’ve been wanting to make in your daily routine, now is a good time to enforce them. Join that yoga class, kickstart that skincare regimen, pick up your reading habit again, talk to the friend you have been meaning to call for so many days. Whatever little things you have been putting off for the tomorrow that never comes, today is the day to begin. It is never too late to begin, and these seemingly small actions will go a long way.

The fog is clearing. The trying times are past you, and the card invites you to step out into the light again. It invites action. To do things and to live life fully once again.


A big part of life is the mountains that come our way. Some we climb and conquer, some are inconceivable to us, some we consider to be hurdles on our path and some we carry on our backs. The nature of obstacles in our lives is really interesting. If the path is easy we tend to get bored and start wandering, if it looks insurmountable we give up even before we start. An obstacle really has to be the right size for us to realise our full potential.

mountain oracle card, mountain spiritual meaning

Obstacles are good, hurdles are great – they make us think of new ways to make things work, they push us to do more, to be more, they expand us, they make us grow and learn and become more.

What the right size of the mountain is, totally depends on the person. The message from the card is to gauge for yourself how you feel about the mountain in front of you. If it is too easy, that means there is not enough stretch for you and it won’t take you very far. If it looks impossible to climb then maybe it’s not worth hankering after. If it feels like it’s going to be tough but not impossible, then just go for it. You will grow as you start walking up the mountain and it will get easier and you will have have more bandwidth as you walk on.

The only thing to keep in mind is to let go of the mountains that you are carrying on your back. These are the obstacles from the past. You may or may not have overcome them, but you need not carry that energy with you any longer. You are a different person than you were yesterday and you will be able to manage the hurdles much better than your earlier self.

Go climb some mountains today but keep your backpack light ❤

June 2019

June looks like it will be an interesting month. There seems to be a duality riding through the month. There may be friction and alongside it seems to be compassion and mercy. There may be separateness but with it is a deep sense of connection. There may be a feeling of guilt but along with it, there will be an awareness of the shining light within. This is the energy of the month. In all of this, there is no sense of any of it being bad or negative. The sense is of this being how life is and what is the gift that emerges from tough situations. 

Friction or conflict may not necessarily mean a bad thing. The friction of two stones rubbing together makes fire. A difference of opinion can mean both parties thinking outside the box. When we struggle we find new solutions, new ways of doing things or doing completely new things. It is the same with people – sometimes we need a parting so we can come back together in a new and more connected way. The message here is to not be afraid of conflict and to not avoid it because something good can emerge from it. 

Quan yin, quan yin oracle, quan yin cards,

We all wish for peace and often we bury the conflict for the sake of peace. But peace doesn’t mean avoiding conflict or pretending that the struggle does not exist. Peace happens when we can step back from a situation and agree to disagree without any angst. Peace happens when we can be separate yet connected, which is being clear about your place and position and of the other’s so there is no disillusion or pretence, and yet there is respect for the other person and their position as well as your own. It is always better to bring up the friction areas when they are small and manageable rather than suppressing them to the point where they cannot be contained. 

It may be that you are away from home or your loved one is. Or you may decide to take a sabbatical from work. This can really work for both parties and some time apart gives you (and the other), space to grow and change. A little privacy when we are changing is always a good thing. 

Friction is usually accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt and there have been many posts in the past about these two. When you find yourself going down the spiral of guilt and shame, place your hand on your heart and start saying words of affirmation to yourself. Words like “I love you (your name), I will always love you, I forgive you, I am proud of you” and so on. Before you start though – be very clear with yourself that Guilt and Shame serve no purpose and they don’t need to be a part of your life. They are at best indicators for you to see what needs to be seen and loved by you, that is all. 

Sometimes we mistake feeling guilt and shame as a sign of spiritual conscience, it is however, a societal conscience not a spiritual one. Spirituality is about consciousness, of awareness and mindfulness, of listening to your heart not about what is considered to be right or wrong. Rumi says “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” That is where Spirit resides. Spirit doesn’t recognise right and wrong the way we do and we do a grave injustice to ourselves when we judge ourselves and shame ourselves for a perceived wrong. 

Mercy begins with ourselves. If we can be kind to ourselves it makes us capable of being kind to others. If we are unable to forgive ourselves we cannot hope to forgive others. No one can be as critical and as unkind to us as we can to ourselves. It starts at home and ask yourself what is the kind of home you want to live in and then set about creating that inner home for yourself. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, death card, king of wands

We start the first week of June with the Death card. It is one of the scary cards in the tarot deck and the most misinterpreted because of is imagery. I can’t say that a skeleton riding a horse is a pleasant image but the card heralds great change and change is the death of something and the birth of something new. Death is just a herald that one major part of your life is coming to an end and a new one will start soon. There is a door that needs to close so that a new one can open for you. It can be the death of a destructive habit, the end of bad times or struggles, or even a relationship that has run its course. It could be that an old version of you is giving way to a new version of you. We do tend to resist change even when we know that it is good for us so be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel sad for what is lost. But also know that with great endings start new beginnings. 

The death card by itself usually does not predict loss unless accompanied by a card signifying loss but if loss comes to you this week then my prayers are with you. 

The second week of June is a week of action, of pursuing your goals and desires and succeeding at them. The King of Wands invites you to take the leadership stance in pursuit of your dreams. You can leave the execution to others but be part of the strategizing. There is a possibility of a new opportunity or new project that you will be involved in. It has great possibility of success if you choose to lead it and put your passion and energy behind it. You are the deciding factor in this project so enter only if you feel passionate and committed to it. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, judgement tarot meaning

The third week of June is a week of enjoyment and celebration. It could be some good news at work which will give you a reason to celebrate. It could mean a reunion of friends or family which is a good reason to rejoice. It could be a birthday or a wedding or some such festivities. Be at the heart of this enjoyment, let your hair down and party away – you deserve it. 

In the last week of June expect some significant news which will put the past to rest for you. Whatever doubts or worries you may have had about your decisions and actions will be cleared at this time. The consequences of your actions will be plain for you to see and you will finally be able to move forward with a clear and decisive mind. The ending that started at the beginning of the month will finally be done in the best way possible. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, high priestess tarot card meaning, 3 of cups, three of cups

In Love & Relationships this month, listen to your intuition. If something feels off it probably is. This is not so much about suspicions but more about caring. If you feel that your partner is not all good, probe to see what the problem is and what you can do to help. If you get a sense that you should call home, then do so. It may be a little thing but listening to your intuition will ease up situations. 
In relationships, step back to look at the full picture. Things are not always black or white. Try to look at the full picture without taking sides and of course, trust your gut. 

At Work, speak up and be bold while discussing your ideas and concepts. Keep fear and discouragement aside and really put your energy behind your ideas. The time is right to stand up and shine and to put your belief in yourself. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, the moon tarot meaning, king of cups

Health-wise things may not be that good. It may come to your attention that you have been living with being slightly unwell for some time now. It may have been so slow and gradual that you don’t even know when it crept up on you. If there is something slightly off, eg a tummy upset for some time or a backache, or even insomnia, then it’s time to go to the doctor or healer to figure out what’s up. This is not for you to get stressed but to just get some healing done because you have not been paying attention to your body. 

At home, take a balanced and diplomatic approach to situations and people. You may find yourself reacting to incidents instead of responding to them. Deep breaths will come handy when dealing with the home front. 

In summary, there is potential for friction and conflict this month but don’t shy away from it. Just approach it with kindness and you will find yourself in a better place than before. Whatever changes the friction brings, it will be better for all parties concerned. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this transition. 

Much love. 

Anger is my Ally.

We tend to think of anger as a destructive force and something to be ashamed of and something to be suppressed. Think of anger as the fire element within us. Fire can be destructive and can cause a lot of damage but it is also something that provides us with warmth and nourishing food.

Anger is an expression of passion for life and living. Anger helps us set healthy boundaries and can be a protective force. If we listen to our insides in time anger can be a good friend to us.

Use your anger to fuel your passion, to get that adrenaline pumping, to get things moving. Use your anger to understand yourself better and to figure out what is behind the anger. Use your anger to respect yourself and set the right boundaries. Use your anger to free yourself from where you feel bound. Use your anger like kindling to energise yourself. And maybe use the healing power of anger to burn off what doesn’t serve you.

If you were angry and are going through some self chastisement and guilt, let that go. You are only human and all of us feel angry and it is healthy to give into that anger every now and then. If it was uncontrolled then all you need to know is that there was so much suppressed that it needed to burst out. Learn from that and release in healthy doses in the future. You don’t need to confront anyone or shout at anyone, you just need to let it out – maybe on a pillow or a punching bag. Or maybe channel it in some productive activity.

Embrace your anger today ❤️

Change of Season.

Just like the change in season, our lives go through periods of bloom and shedding, of hibernating and basking in the sun. Today is shedding season. When autumn comes and the trees shed old leaves, there are moments of sadness coupled with moments of hope because you know that it is time for renewal and for something to renew, something old needs to be shed. And even as the trees shed, there is a beauty in the shedding, beauty in the leaves that carpet the ground.

What needs renewing in your life? Is it an old habit that you’ve never thought of giving up because it never occured to you? Is it a thought pattern that is so familiar that you don’t even realise that you have the ending in your mind even as you’re just beginning?

Is it a belief that has always proven right so there has never been a reason to change it? Is it being in the same place and not having the will to move? Is it a person who brings up feelings of inadequacies with every interaction but you continue to be in that relationship?

Hand on heart, ask yourself what needs to be shed today? What is causing you disruption that needs to be seen? What is holding you back or rooting you in place and preventing movement? Where has your growth stilled? Who keeps pulling you back to the past? What is that old leaf that remains stuck on the tree, refusing to fall, not allowing the natural turn of season?

If you are in a position to change the situation, change it. If it seems that there is no alternative, then seek help. The way to change an external situation is to change your internal environment.

There is a sadness in the energy of the card yet there is great beauty. It’s better to have a moment of genuine sadness at letting go rather than coming to a point where you let go with anger or hurt. Life isn’t about a constant bloom but about ebb and flow and knowing that every shed will be followed by bloom.

Have a gentle day ❤

Vision Quest.

Sometimes we need to be bored so that answers come to us. When we are busy, engaged, entertained, it distracts us from the messages that spirit wants us to hear. There is a message waiting for you, waiting for you to be so bored, with nothing to do so that you can hear it. If you are lucky enough to be bored today, be bored and maybe something will pop up for you.

Vision quest shaman's deck

It could be a time to starve yourself so you can appreciate the taste of one grain. Do a detox or a no phone/screen day or just go for an endless walk, just something to starve your senses. There will definitely be something to gain at the end of it.

Remember to not strive for a message, just be open to receiving it.

Much love.


Zadkiel is known as the Angel of freedom and mercy. He encourages us to own our transgressions and to let them be washed away with forgiveness. Often we look at the other for forgiveness whereas the keys to forgiveness are actually held by us. How many times has the other told us that it’s okay! but we still carry the guilt with us?

Sometimes we are scared to admit our transgression because we think we may lose our friends or loved ones. Nine times out of ten when you actually go and confess to the other person, you will find that it doesn’t and didn’t matter to them in the first place. But the burden of carrying around that guilt is huge. I know the chaotic thoughts of what could I have done, not done, done differently? Maybe things would have been different then?

The reality is that things are the way they are and once they have happened it is best to accept that this is the way it was meant to be. There is no way of knowing that anything you did differently would make the results any different. You remember The Edge of Tomorrow? Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, where they keep dying and changing things only to die a different way again (I know they prevail in the end but that’s not what I want to focus on :)). It was exhausting to see it and I can’t imagine having to actually live it over and over again. But that’s what we do when we live with guilt – it’s guilt, blame and shame actually and we do this circular thing to ourselves which combines all three – and the circular thing of trying to change something that cannot be changed. Sounds awful, doesn’t it, when it’s laid out like this. Yet this is what we do.

Find a way to extricate yourself from this circle. Call upon Zadkiel to free you from this trap. Quan Yin can help you, so can a Rose Quartz. Ho’oponopono can help. There are many forgiveness rituals you can find on the net. The message from the card today is that there is something that is hindering you and maybe even hurting you. Don’t sweep it aside, you have the strength to confront it and you have the will to forgive yourself. Do it now and not later.

What I love about this card deck is the art, how angels are depicted in this way. It makes me think of beauty and what we consider to be beautiful. These are beautiful – just not in ways that we expect and maybe all angels look fierce but are agents of love and mercy. Same goes for people too.

You will know if Zadkiel is around you today if you unexpectedly remember something important.


Looks like the reins are firmly in your hands this week. You get to decide which way you are headed and the universe trusts your judgement completely.

It is wise to be accepting of life and all that comes with it. It is healthy to not judge people and situations. We can however be discerning in the choices we make. We don’t need to judge but we can figure out which people and which situations aren’t really best for us. We don’t have to repeat the same patterns that don’t serve us, we can choose to remove ourselves from those situations.

Our everyday choices are what create our life. Where we choose to be, with whom, where do we spend our free time and with whom, doing what? All these are our choices and if things aren’t where we want them to be then all we need to do is make a different choice.

Again, there is no judgement here, and the universe holds you with whatever you choose. The universe just asks that you take a look at these every day choices you make and maybe be a little more discerning about where you spend your time and energy. Ask yourself if it is in alignment with You, if it is aligned to your purpose and the life that you want to live.

Don’t bend to pressure and expectations, don’t compromise, look beyond the obvious and trust your heart. You are worthy of your deepest intentions – don’t allow those to wither in your attempt to conform.

I read this wonderful article about invoking Durga during challenging times. I have to say that I have called her in the past and she has never failed me. Maybe you would like to invoke her? You can just call her or sing to her or light a candle to invoke her. Ask for a sign from her, if you need one.

This week is kinda about taking charge of your destiny and the direction your life is headed and I’m kinda excited about it. How about you?

Muchos love.


There is some more yin to be explored today, this time with creativity and expression. The first thought that comes to mind is – how many of us actually think we are creative? and what does being creative really mean? Can I be creative even if I’m not doing it deliberately or professionally?

We are all born highly creative – can you imagine a little child saying ‘no, no I can’t draw well’ :D? All kids can draw, paint and colour and they do it with gusto (much to the detriment of our walls and carpets), until a time comes when we start rating them and comparing them and their art to another’s.

The message today is to know that you are as creative as anyone else in the world. Don’t rate and don’t compare – and don’t allow anyone else to either. Whatever your expression, it is the best, most beautiful expression there is, because it is yours. No one else can replicate it even if they try. It is yours – own it.

The creative act opens up channels that allow emotions to emerge in a healthy way. It’s not a conscious process, it just happens – sometimes we become aware of our emotions, sometimes we release stuff without realising it, sometimes we find clarity and sometimes we find pure satisfaction. Whatever the reason, if creativity calls today or any other day, answer that call because that’s the body and soul calling for you to see something, to release something, to feel something.

Although there are so many things to do creatively, I would suggest doodling or colouring with your left hand (or non-dominant hand) today. Don’t plan what you want to draw, just take a blank page and see what comes out. More often than not you will figure out for yourself what emerged. (I would really love to know what you draw! Btw, to write a comment all you need to do is reply to the mail and it posts as a comment). And more often than not you will feel much better than before. This is an awesome exercise to do when you are feeling disturbed or confused and don’t really know how you feel. This helps get in touch with your emotions and also helps us process them in a beautiful way. And really who doesn’t have fun drawing!!

Have fun drawing today ❤

Message from the fish.

Another message of abundance for this week- how awesome is that! How was last week for you? Did you notice what all happened? Was it a busy week? I sold a couple of paintings last week which is not something that happens all that often so am quite delighted to receive another abundance message.

The fish symbolizes fertility, creativity, good luck, and abundance. The fish itself symbolises the water element which is all about emotions and feelings (and all the other fish symbolism), and it represents the deeper awareness of the unconsciousness or higher self. Expect to have a spate of good luck and more of everything but do be aware of what this more is doing to you emotionally and spiritually.

If you love water or have an affinity with water creatures, then this message is amplified for you. It is time for you to allow your yin side to take the lead. This week, go with the flow, be creative, be receptive, ease up and enjoy what you do (or do what you enjoy) but also be aware of what comes up for you emotionally. You may think that a random tiff has nothing to do with your ability to receive but when things happen around the same time they are connected. A lot of us usually have something not so good happen when lots of good things are happening and we say ah well, can’t have everything or chalo, nazar nahi lage :D. These are not random occurrences, this is our capacity to receive and most of us have trouble receiving fully and till we are full.

The watch out message that comes with this card is related to what happens to you when good things happen? Observe yourself and your body. Too much water can be a deluge and it can cause feelings of overwhelm. Btw, I am sitting with a fractured finger so I definitely have some of that overwhelm happening. It also tells me how I react to good stuff happening. So watch out for the overwhelm or anything else that comes up for you. Mostly, it’s not about doing anything about it or feeling bad about yourself, just being aware of it makes it far easier.

Have an awesome week ❤


Perhaps things didn’t work out for you the way you wanted them to, perhaps you feel that you failed at something (do note that failing at something doesn’t make you a failure). Maybe you are feeling unappreciated, maybe you are feeling that you give so much and no one sees it, maybe you’ve just been feeling a little down and out. The oracle comes with the message that there is light at the end of this tunnel and changed times are upon you. The next few days and weeks will see you regain your spirit and there will be a turnaround outwardly as well.

The darkest nights make the stars shine ever so brightly. Through all your troubles and inconveniences remember that you are being polished so you can shine even more brightly. And keep your attention on the bright stars and not on the dark night.

The time to arise, to awaken that inner strength and resolve, has come. This does not have to be dramatic in any way. Just reach in and find it at the core of you. Maybe you’ve tried before and you couldn’t find it, but that was because the time wasn’t right and you needed to rest and recuperate. Try again now and you will find your spark. The turnaround is upon you.

Yet again this feels like the energy of May – I know, I know, I’m running late on the monthly reading. Either today or tomorrow for sure.

Btw, midway through yesterday, I realised it was the crescent moon (finally downloaded a moon calendar!). Don’t you just love the synchronicity.

Have a strength filled day. Muchos love.


Vulnerability has been on my mind for the past few days, ever since I saw the Brené Brown special on Netflix (Thank you R!) and when the nine of wands appeared today, I really felt that this is what the card wanted to say. It takes great courage to be vulnerable, to admit our vulnerability, to others and even to ourselves. We hide behind the I don’t care and I’m alright because the alternate, of showing how much we care and how we hurt, is far too scary. Because if we open up and admit to hurting, it will give ammunition to the other to hurt us even more deeply. And it is a valid fear because we all have done it as well. We’ve all said things designed to hurt when we are hurting. Wouldn’t it be nice though to have around us people that we trust? People who won’t use it against us. Wouldn’t it be liberating, wouldn’t our shoulders just ease up if we weren’t in a defensive position all the time?

In the card, the man is looking battered and bruised but there is still some fight left in him. The staves around him can be interpreted as more fights to be had or can be seen as his boundaries, the fence that is keeping him safe. The same is true about vulnerability, the boundaries make all the difference. Who we choose to be with when we feel vulnerable, who is ready to see this aspect of us, who can support us and uplift us in spite of our vulnerability.

Today’s message is that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It is not a weakness, it takes great courage to show this side of ours to people that we care about. But this test of courage must be taken by us because this is the next step in the evolution of our relationships. You don’t need to show your vulnerable aspect to everyone, in fact, be choosy with whom you want to show your soft underbelly. This is your test of courage with a promise of deeper, richer relationships.

Much love.

Ps: here is Brené Brown on youtube

The Journey.

The Journey is an invitation to step outside your comfort zone. An invitation, an offer, a chance or serendipity, whatever it is that makes its way to you today is the beginning of a new cycle of life for you. We are a day short of the change in month and it seems that this is what the energy of May may be about. Something new, something you have not tried before, some route you may not have thought of taking. There are no maps here, maybe no sign boards either, and maybe it is just time to switch off the GPS and trust that you will be led the right way.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and sometimes it’s important to know your destination and sometimes it’s best to just take one step at a time. You may not know where or how this step that you take will be beneficial to you, but rest assured that it will. Don’t think in terms of material gain or a career path (although it could be that as well!) but in terms of the journey of life which could mean chance encounters, a vault-turn in the way you see and perceive things, a new way of life or living.

In more direct terms, there may be a journey or travel that you are not sure about. Take the journey and you will have much to gain. Sometimes the gains are not obvious but a single chance encounter can be life-altering.

Be observant and take the first step today ❤