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Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

We all go through feelings of inadequacy, of self-criticism, of shyness in expressing our sensuality. We have all felt the separateness of our being, of feeling alone and misunderstood. There is a voice in our head that tells us to not-do-this, not-be-that which prescribes our limits to us. The mother wound is the collective wound… Continue reading Heal the Mother Wound and Embrace the Divine Feminine – Zoom Workshop

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Manifesting Abundance

The second abundance workshop is on for tomorrow, 25th Sept. It's a short 2-hour workshop starting at 10.30. The Zoom details for it for below. Energy exchange is Rs.1100/- This workshop is based on Constellation work and here we will look at the subconscious blocks to money and abundance. The first bit will be about receiving… Continue reading Manifesting Abundance

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Introduction to Tarot

I'm moving out of my comfort zone and doing an hour's session on Zoom for a small introduction to Tarot. This session is for those who are interested in learning Tarot. The plan is to do a series of online sessions over the coming weeks to understand the fundamentals of Tarot and learn how to… Continue reading Introduction to Tarot

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New stuff

I've been getting some queries about charges and questions about constellation work so here is the rate card so to speak and briefly what happens in a reading and a constellation session. I'm also introducing some new options for Tarot. I know Constellation does sound like it may have something to do with astrology but… Continue reading New stuff

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If you're interested in doing some self-work while at home, I'm offering a chakra reading with an affirmation for whatever it is that you want to work on.  How the chakra reading works is that I use my trusty pendulum to figure out where the resistance is in the body and give an affirmation, which… Continue reading Self-work

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Movement Forward Workshop

It seems incredible that 15 days into the new year so much seems to have changed. Things do seem to be looking up this year and to catch the energy and momentum of this new year, I'm delighted to announce the 'Movement Forward' workshop in sunny Goa. The idea behind this workshop is to make… Continue reading Movement Forward Workshop

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Gratitude Do-along

Starting the Gratitude Do-along on Thursday. For those interested could you please send me your email ids - for some reason, I cannot access the email ids. Ideally, send it to :).

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October Offer

I love the concept of pay-as-you-like and it is my desire to offer that on a permanent basis but I'm not there yet. I can, however, offer it for a limited time so all this week, if you have a yen for a Tarot reading and the price is holding you back, do get in… Continue reading October Offer

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My offer for September is a one-on-one constellation session on Skype for an introductory price of Rs. 2000/-. A Constellation session is a single session where we work on a single wish or desire that you may have. It could be a pattern that you wish to unravel, it could be an issue related to… Continue reading

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August Offer.

The offer for August is a 3 Question reading - What do I need to know? - what is the message from the universe at this point in time, what direction should you be headed, what to expect in the near future. What do I need to grow? - what what are the things you… Continue reading August Offer.

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July offer.

I'm offering Tarot readings on Phone, email or Skype for Rs. 1500/-, only for the first week of July. The reading is usually for an hour and any number of questions can be asked. Bookings open 🙂. Hit reply on the mail or whatsapp me at 8459303602. Love, D

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Today’s moon ritual.

This is what I'm thinking of doing today. Anytime after 10 pm feels like a good time. It's a cardinal direction ritual and you can set up four points to represent the 4 directions. Place an object to represent North, East, West and South. A crystal will do nicely. Take some time to cleanse the… Continue reading Today’s moon ritual.

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Have a Good Night.

Did you see the Moon the last few nights? It's been so gorgeous, like a fat lantern hung in the sky. And so close, like you could reach out and touch her. It's felt especially potent to me this time - did you feel it too? I could have done with this blessing the last… Continue reading Have a Good Night.

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~ January 2019 ~

January being the first month carries with it the energy of the number 1. There is a newness in the air, of starting afresh, of new possibilities, a sense of rejuvenation. January also brings with it a sense of urgency, of getting started quickly, which is what the Knight of Swords represents. He's the kind of guy who goes charging ahead towards his goals.