16th November

You may find yourself pulled in different directions this week. Maybe there will be different people clamouring for your attention. Maybe it’s two different opportunities that have come your way. Maybe you want to leave but you also want to stay.

Sometimes we are confronted with choices and we are not sure which one leads to our goals and desires. Sometimes the choice seems to be about the material versus the spiritual. This card is here to let you know that for the former, all choices will lead you to your goal. You can take the long way which may end up having less traffic or what feels like the precarious path could be a shortcut to your goal. In either case, you will reach your goal and long or short, whatever you need to grow will come to you, whoever you are supposed to meet you will meet. Both are good for you and if you are still wondering then just listen to your heart or flip a coin.

If it is about the material vs spiritual then know that there is no material, everything is spiritual. Last week’s message was about the spirituality of money. Everything is spiritual and it is only out judgement about ourselves and about it that comes in the way of that. Money or success or even love and desire may be earthly but think of them as tools to be as humane and as spiritual as you can be. So if I have money to hire a cook then I save time and can use that time to meditate – it’s a simplistic example but think about how it applies to you when confronted by the decision making.

The Page asks that you try a new perspective about whatever situation you are facing. Look at the duality of things and step back to see that there is no duality. Know that divergent paths finally lead to the same place.

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