24th Aug. The Devil.

The Devil is a pretty interesting card in the Tarot deck with layers of meaning. It can mean the ego, it can mean temptation and addiction, it can mean also mean fear. Today though, entrapment is what is standing out for me. The two people in the card have chains around their necks but if you look closer you will see that the chains are not bound to anything. 

This happens with my dogs so often and it’s funny to see them with a leash, thinking they are tied when they are actually free. The other thing that happens with my dachshund is that she strains and pulls at the leash but when I drop it she doesn’t know what to do. 

This week this feeling of being bound may come to attention. It could be an old feeling that is resurfacing or it could be a product of covid times. In either case, follow the chain that you think is binding you and you may realise that you are freer than you think. If it is related to something you want to do then work around it and pull at the chains and they just might be free. Maybe it’s related to how things were in the past and now things may have changed – sometimes we don’t realise that and continue on as before – and all it needs from us is to turn our attention to it. 

The other thing to think about is the benefit you derive from being bound. This means a journey into your shadow self and to see what is hidden. It could be a health concern that prevents you from doing or being in a certain way but along with it also comes a way to say no easily or the necessity of asking for help and really we all have issues asking for help. Sometimes we keep the chains on because we don’t know what we will do without them. The fear of the unknown is one of the biggest fears. Sometimes we fear ourselves and fear what we would do with the freedom we gain. Sometimes we fear fear itself and that prevents us from even seeing the chains. 

See what comes up for you this week or what comes into awareness and try to relate it to bondage and entrapment. And know that these cages are only of the mind and that you can free yourself from them. There are no promises of it being easy or fun but there is a promise of the great reward of freedom. 

PS : Keep in mind that the Devil is in the detail and be careful while doing the smaller things and also read the fine print in any contract.

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