20th July – Weekly Reading

The Emperor brings with him the message of material stability, of having a solid base or feeling like you have stable ground beneath your feet. And that is what you will feel by the end of the week. There is however some work to do before you get there.

There were some pretty subtle shift in energy last week and I wonder if you felt the space in-between things last week? When this space gets created you know that there is something on the way to fill up that space. With the fresh lockdown there will be additional things to do I’m sure and while you are doing them, just pay attention to what needed your intervention. Some things just become blind spots for us and this is the universe’s way of showing us what needs to be seen.

Having said that, do be careful of not taking on more than you can chew. Whether it is work (includes cooking!) or learning or even a physical activity – there may be a desire to push yourself to do more than usual. The universe asks that you resist that desire and listen to your body when it says ‘enough‘. This week will keep you involved with the practical aspects of life so it is important to slot in some time for self-care and maybe just checking-in with yourself every now and then.

Early to mid-week, there may be something in the horizon that you can see, something that interests you and is maybe even calling out to you. Don’t rush headlong into it tough. It may be the right thing for you but it is better to take that wait and watch approach here. Take stock of the situation and of your resources and desires because diving in could mean a short term financial loss. So, if there is a new business opportunity or a move into a new house or even a reason to travel, just take a little time to evaluate and explore all options. It may be a good opportunity but either the timing is not right or there are some changes in circumstance that may happen to you or it could simply mean that with waiting you may have an even better offer. Don’t say no to anything but proceed slowly and/or with caution.

With the Emperor appearing in the latter part of the week, it may feel that things are coalescing and you will find yourself more certain, more grounded, more structured and you will feel quite in-charge of things (be careful though that you don’t slip into rigidity). You may find that you have a good solid plan going forward with a good handle on finances. The Emperor says that you have a healthy financial situation and you need to see it for what it is. Like the glass with water mid-way, is just midway water – not half full and not half empty. Don’t do any splurges but don’t hoard your finances either.

It’s a week of doing so take some time out to be. Every now and then a hand on your heart will keep you connected with yourself.

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