Weekly Reading – 13th July

In the dance of life sometimes we move towards our purpose and sometimes away from it. This is the dance of life, the sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways movement, because even when we are crystal clear about our purpose, the path is not a straight line and this shimmy and jiggy is part of the process. This week you may find yourself backing and forthing or you may be questioning your path and purpose. It is natural to question and it is important to question because how else will you course correct. The thing to know is that sometimes it is just the dance and nothing really needs correcting.

The second part of the message is the recognition and reward that comes with our quest. Sometimes the reward comes when we put in the effort and do the ‘good deeds’ and sometimes the reward comes pretty unexpectedly, while we are busy doing other things. Don’t mistake the lack of reward as an indicator of what you shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes there is a lag between your effort and reward and oftentimes when you surrender the effort, that’s when the reward comes pouring in. And sometimes the stars just need to align. There is nothing wrong with looking for outward appreciation for your efforts and you will receive them, just keep in mind that they may not appear as and when you expect them to.

Remember the dance and know that some things will whizz by when you are taking a dip and some things may splatter in your face if you are in the lead. And then there are times when you will be in perfect alignment and be able to catch all the rewards. None of us can be in perfect alignment all the time but all of us can enjoy the dance. And at some point, there will be applause and there will be accolades – stand tall and receive them with grace.

This week remember to enjoy the dance even as the applause flows to you.

Have a lovely week.

PS: I’m making some site changes this week so there may be some tech issues. In case you cannot access the site – next week it will be at darpankaur.com 🙂

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