July Message

There are three parts to the message for July and then a tidbit about this week. The three parts are – the message for the material, the emotional and the spiritual.

July corresponds to the number seven in numerology and combined with this year it adds up to the number eleven. The number 7 is the most spiritual of numbers and is also the most challenging of numbers. Combined with the master number 11, we can expect this month to be a spiritually challenging time. It is possible too that this month it may feel like the heart and mind are pulled in different directions. The thing to remember is that it is the mind that needs to be mastered and heart that needs to be soothed. Don’t ignore either as true mastery is when the heart and mind are aligned and your intent is clear and that is when everything falls into place.

Physically you may find that July is causing you a few sleepless nights. The Lunar eclipse has a tendency to cloud emotions and you may feel like you are unsure about how you really feel. This particular full moon is meant to illuminate the conflict between your roots and the direction you want to go. There is something that is in-between where you have come from and where you want to go and it is time to shed some light on it. It may be a question of loyalty or a question of trust or maybe something else – sometimes we want certain things but if it takes us away from our family and friends we may choose to stay where we are instead of pursuing our dreams. Dig deeper into your past so that you can clear up the barrier to your future. Use the energy of the moon to release what no longer serves you (the full moon energy works for a couple of nights before and after).

Emotionally you may find that a reunion or something from the past has triggered a bigger emotional response from you than what you expected. You may again find that your thoughts and feelings differ regarding the person or situation. Rationally you may think that the person is not worth your time but the heart may want what it wants. or could be the other way around. As always pay attention to what your heart wants and compare it to what your mind says and you may find that there are holes in the logic of the mind. The cards urge you to open up your mind and look with a new perspective.

Spiritually you may find that you have come back full circle to the things you may have started your spiritual journey with. Or it could be some things that you thought you had resolved have flared back up. The cards want you to know that in our spiritual journey and healing journey we keep coming back to the same place over and over again. The same place though is not really the same place because you have done a whole cycle of learning and healing and now it’s time for Level2 of the same issue or experience. It may feel similar but if you look closely you will see that it is not the same because you are not the same. You now have more in your arsenal and you certainly have more experience now so don’t lament the repetition, instead gird your loins and jump into this next level of healing.

The coming week should be a good one as the Sun is in ascendence and you may find yourself feeling more uplifted as compared to last week. Some good news or happy thoughts will keep you cheerful this week and you will certainly find yourself more energised and inspired. Ride the energy especially towards the latter part of the week and you will be rewarded for it. Do try and get some Sun this week as well, all that lovely solar energy will keep you healthy and energised and also provide a nice balance to the emotional lunar energy.

Have a lovely week.

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