Ocean of Emotion

The element of water relates to our emotions and considering how much water we have in our body we can say we are pretty emotional beings. For some reason, we are conditioned to suppress our feelings, logic, reasoning and a stiff upper lip are what we are taught. It, in fact, makes so many people uncomfortable when others show their emotions.

To show your feelings is a pretty vulnerable process and it is one odd person whom you can be your emotional self but show you must else the ocean inside will overwhelm you. Have a safe place where you can talk about how you are feeling – this is important especially in the time we are in now. It is but natural to feel worried or anxious, cabin fever is a real thing and being cooped up can bring up all sorts of low feelings. And the retrograde doesn’t help either. It is also not okay to dismiss your feelings and convince yourself by false positivity (this positive thinking is another conditioning which should be reevaluated!).

The message today is that it is pretty important to look at your emotional self and pay attention to what is going on inside. The emotional play in your inner world you are feeling could be reflected in your outer world through aches and pains in your body, leaky taps in your house, internet issues, conflicts or even a rat showing up. Look into what is within and just sit with your emotions for a bit, if you can get a friend or a therapist to be with you while you sort through your emotional landscape, all the better. Do this for yourself today ❤

Published by Darpan

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