You may find yourself dwelling upon how things used to be or how you used to be. This is of course exacerbated in the time of covid but this message is not just about that. Maybe it is a relationship or the things in the current relationship. Maybe it’s the things you used to enjoy or just how you were. Memories are strange things and the filter in our memories grows as we grow. We remember parts of situations, relationships and even ourselves not the whole picture. And whilst it is good to reminisce don’t make it your goal to recapture anything from your past. Maybe your job was better or your relationship but even if you could go back it would not be the same because you would then experience all the stuff you’ve forgotten. If it’s the ‘you’ you’ve been missing then know that you already have her within you – maybe not exactly the way you remember her but she’s there and all you need to do is access her.

Don’t dismiss the longing but don’t drown in it either, instead gently turn your attention to all that you have now and all that you are now and see how the past was a stepping stone to where you are today.

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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