Soul Retrieval

We haven’t been out and about for over two months now. We haven’t ‘dressed up’, we haven’t been in a group situation as much as before and we have had to spend quality time with ourselves. Take a pause today to figure how you behave differently when only with yourself. From the clothes you choose to wear, the food you eat, how you behave, what you think, what your interests have been. And think about the things you do to just go along, the stuff you stuff down because you’ll be the odd one out. Think about the things you do to be accepted, to belong not just to your group but to the outer world.

There does seem to be a reset button which got pressed here and we have all got to retrieve the parts of ourselves that we had lost because we didn’t have the space or time for it or there was hurt and we just had to let go. This has occurred naturally but there are things you can get back with a thought. Think about what you miss about yourself, the parts which were but aren’t anymore. Call them back either with a thought or with a ritual (and you know I love making a ritual out of anything so message me if you want to do it!). And step into the whole of you.

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