There have been so many messages and symbols of transformation the past week or so and here is a dragonfly with one more. The economy has opened up and it is a big shift from cocooning ourselves to stepping out into an uncertain world. We can tell ourselves not much has changed but there is a huge energy shift which happens when the cocooning drops. Be gentle with yourself and don’t push yourself to step out too quickly. If you want to but there is something that is stopping you – listen to that internal or external voice because that is the voice of the universe. There is also a possibility of a change in direction and that too is guidance from the universe. Take baby steps and with every step listen to your internal compass to figure if it’s the right direction, the turns are easier to take when you are not speeding.

If there is something different or unexpected that happens today, don’t fight it and certainly don’t be disheartened by it. Just take it as course correction from the universe.

Have a lovely day!

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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