Message from the Scorpion

message from the scorpion

The Scorpion hugs the ground as it scuttles forward, it uses the ground to balance and for forward momentum. And that is the message from the universe today. You may be experiencing some uncertainty either in the external world or in your inner world and change does come with a big dollop of fear and uncertainty. The universe would like to remind you that the ground beneath your feet is stable even as the world around you changes or even as you change. If you feel like it, you could just lie on the floor and feel the stable, solid earth beneath you (front and back would be good). While doing this, pay attention to your body sensation and feel what releases, what tension eases and then take in what energy flows from the Earth to you.

These are uncertain times and it is but natural to feel uncertain. We all are uncertain about how this will play out and what the conclusion will be or if there even will be a conclusion. None of us know what the new normal will be and even as we take it in our stride there is a part of us that needs a little reassurance. Let the ground under your feet be that reassurance for you. Take in the energy that is being offered to you by the Earth and wrap it around you as you scuttle onward.

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