Change is in the wind today and the next few days. Change usually doesn’t happen overnight, there is a building up that happens and then the crossover and then there is time and space that is needed to align with the new equilibrium. Like with the wind, it is best to flow with rather than resist the change.

Today’s message is to figure out what has shifted within and how is it reflected without. The message is also to give yourself time to settle into the change rather than try to hit the ground running. Pull back and observe but don’t resist. Also pay attention to what has been simmering for you for a while now, you will have many clues as to what is transforming for you. Maybe it’s a new way of feeling or being. Maybe it’s material like a job or home. Maybe it’s relationships. The past two days have also talked about new beginnings and for something new to enter something else must exit. Don’t regret the exit and don’t try to hold on to what was, it is not so much the price you pay but a rite of passage as you move to the next phase.

If you are not aware of what has changed then maybe you could focus on what you are resisting or rather what and where you find resistance from the universe. Obstacles just mean that you need to redirect on to a different path.

It’s a good day to take stock of where you have come and where you want to go and what has changed in between.

Take it easy today.

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