Your mojo

There is innate magic in all of us, some of us are very aware of it and some of us have a vague inkling about it. This magic is within all of us and yet it’s that part of us that makes us uniquely us. Our mojo is not that thing that we are good at – sometimes can be just the opposite – but it is that indescribable something that we bring with us.

Maybe your mojo is just saying the right thing at the right time. Maybe your mojo lies in getting to the heart of the matter. Maybe your mojo is in being uncoordinated. Maybe your magic is in making people feel good about themselves. Maybe it’s your particular brand of weirdness. Think about Phoebe in Friends and there you see someone who is accessing her all of her mojo. It need not always be about sparkles and sunshine. I often say that I inspire people – not because I am good at what I do or do things brilliantly but because most people look at me and say ‘if she can do it then surely so can I’ :D. And that’s inspiration, isn’t it?!

Think about your own mojo today and all the things that make you, you. Think about the weird things, the shadow things, the light things, the nice things, the spicy things about you and think about what that magical thing is when it comes out of you and then embrace it with all you to access 100% of your mojo.

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