Dancer of frustration.

Sometimes life throws a curveball at us. Sometimes life presents us with Hobson’s choice. Sometimes life shows us locked doors with no keys in sight. This is the nature of life, it’s not personal, life just is like that. When we flail and struggle against its nature we find ourselves frustrated and exhausted.

The thing about life is that the curveball can be hit for a home run and sometimes it is better to look for a third option and closed-doors just mean that you need to take another route. These are not tests that are thrown at you nor are they levels that you must cross to get to the next level, these are just life’s way of presenting you with opportunity. If you fail, you fail, there is no penalty for it and life will give you other opportunities.

See where you are at the present moment – is it a surprise that the universe has thrown you, is someone saying ‘take it or leave it’ to you or is a source of business closing for you. Don’t spend your time and energy trying to change things, instead, look at what new possibilities have now opened up for you and redirect your steps to that path.

Have a lovely day!

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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