Everyone has a story to tell, their own personal story of how they came to be. Often we think that our story is not that exciting or not really worth sharing. Sometimes we are too shy to share our story, sometimes it feels good to just hold on to it. The message from the cards today is to not shy away from telling your story. It may be to a person or on your blog, if there is a moment that you feel the urge, follow through and tell your story.

Not all our stories are of personal victories and deep insights, some of our stories are sad, some are traumatic, not all have happy endings. But they are borne from what we have experienced, from how life has come to us. When we tell our story it can touch someone in a profound way. It can guide someone to do something different. It can give an answer to someone. It also gives permission for them to open up and tell their side of thing.

Listen and tell today. See what comes up and where there is a need to share your story and do it without hesitation.

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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