North Node

And on the heels of yesterday’s card comes another one about direction and finding your True North. In our astrology charts are two signs – one for the North node and one for the South. The South node represents your past / past lives and the North node represents your current life. The South is all that you have learnt and all the karmic lessons that you have already mastered so this is familiar territory and here is your comfort zone. Your North node is this life’s karma and the direction to take in this life. It’s really interesting and here are the links to figure out yours. Figure out which node here and find it’s meaning here

Both are important because the South tells you where your comfort zone is and the North asks you to step out of that comfort zone and it does look like it’s time to move. Think of your comfort zone as your safety net or foundation, these are things you already have, skills or traits that you have spent lifetimes collecting and now is the time to take that step into the unknown, knowing that you carry all of this knowledge and experience with you.

Enjoy the discovery today ❤

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