Building blocks

It takes a while for us to align and adjust to changes. Even as we embrace the physical aspects of change immediately the energetic aspects take some time. With change, we grow and initially it is not so obvious which direction we have branched. A month though is enough time for us to align to energetic shifts and to have an idea about which direction we are headed. Today and this week, take a moment or two to think about what has inherently shifted for you. This will be the foundation from which you will build. If you remember the annual reading, this year was about learning some important life lessons and about realigning to your life purpose. Now seems the perfect time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be? Or maybe even who you are and who you want to be?

building blocks

The universe is serving you the time and space to create the foundation for moving forward. Even if things may not seem to be working, under the surface they are. Also, it is about looking at what new things have been created versus what is lost. It could be about new skills or new ways of working but it could also be about new ways of living and being. 

When we start building we stack up the blocks and at best a few rows can be finished at one go – and that is about alignment and adjustment before we get to the next level. When we start building we look towards the end result which is a beautiful home. We don’t think about the money which is spent because it is an investment and it gets us what we want. The time, effort, energy and even money that you are spending now is the investment to the sparkling future that you are creating. And maybe you are taking a hit with regards to income or you lost something in the stock market. Think of it not as a loss but as an investment into your future. 

Think about the ground that you are standing on right now. This is your foundation from where you will construct your life. What changes would you make to create a solid foundation? You can only use the resources you already have because these are all that you need. Now start building up from there. 

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