Hmmmm that’s quite a few self-care messages this week. Do carry it on to the weekend also as it looks like you could do with some TLC. Compassion and kindness begin at home and the first person you need to show some compassion for is yourself. Have you been having critical thoughts about yourself? Have you been cursing yourself for doing things incorrectly or maybe even for not being kind to someone else? Even saying something as seemingly harmless like ‘I’m so stupid or I did something stupid’ counts as self-abuse. If you catch yourself doing this or having critical thoughts about yourself or blaming yourself for something, turn the thought around and maybe even place your hand on your back or heart and say a quick apology to yourself.

be kind to yourself, compassion

You are perfect in your imperfections and there is nothing to fix. You can strive to grow and learn but don’t try to fix yourself. Work at accepting yourself exactly the way you are and you will be perfect in your eyes (and those are the only eyes that matter!).

Speak words of kindness to yourself today, speak words of love, compliment yourself for all that you do and maybe pat yourself in the back for just being you.

Much love and happy weekend ❤

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