The Sun

Get some Sun today – lounge on your balcony or just turn your face to the sun and just soak up its energy. You may even want to put your linens out for a sun soak and open up the curtains to allow the sun to bathe your rooms. We know that physically the sun rays can kill germs which is why our grandmothers always put the linens out in the sun and we know that the sun feeds us Vit.D which is a big immunity booster but metaphysically the sun also has an effect on our energy and emotions.

The Moon is feminine and makes us reflect and introspect, the Sun, on the other hand, is masculine and is about our outward nature. Getting a little sun will give you clarity and imbibe positivity and confidence in you. If you are feeling blue today a bit of sun will change that. You could try having sun-infused water as well. Just leave a glass bottle of water out in the sun for 10- 20 minutes and it will help your insides.

The other thing to do today is a round of Surya Namaskars. Just point your face in the direction of the rising sun and do four to six rounds of sun salutations. Do it with awareness though, you could do a small invocation to the sun before you start and ask the sun to fill you with energy and to boost your immunity or to make you feel positive (whatever you desire right now), make it a meditation where you breathe in the sun and let the energy race through your body, feel it in your blood and in your limbs. Remember to thank the sun when you are done.

Enjoy your time in the sun today ❤

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