It may be that you will need to have a balanced and moderate approach to things and people today. Or you will need to walk the middle path in the argument between two people.

This card feels more than that tough. It is a card for balance and that is always a good thing to have in life. Life though always seems to have other plans for us and we find ourselves fluctuating between too little and too much most of the time. In some earlier posts we did talk about hitting a sweet spot between too much and too little but it’s not always possible to find the right middle path. Also, life itself is contrasting, ebbing and flowing, for every spring there is a summer and winter. So, maybe for some things there is no sweet spot but just an agreement to be okay and maybe even revel in the extremes. And maybe that is the right balance. To work really hard and then to really rest it out. To get a lot and then to understand austerity. To sometimes do and then have a lot of time to just be. Try and let go of the traditional meaning of balance and see what is the right balance for you and what makes you feel in alignment with yourself and the world around you.

There is alchemy in mixing contrasting things, where something new gets created when different things are mixed together. Look at your contrasting urges or desires and see what new thing can emerge for you. Don’t treat them as separate but blend them to make something new.

Have a super day ❤

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