Cleaning up

I think most of the posts this week are going to start with ‘while you’re at home’ ;)…So, while you are at home there is an opportunity to clean and clear the space around you especially if you’ve given the cleaning staff an off.

Physical cleaning has a great impact on what is going on in the mind and on emotions as well. As you sweep the cobwebs from your home you will find that some cobwebs from your mind have fled as well. In the house, it could be an overall cleaning up or you could see which area is calling out to you and focus on that instead. Placing bowls of salt in every room also helps clear energy (just change the salt every week).

The other kind of cleaning house is to do an energy clearing. You could use salt or incense or frankincense or even do a reiki cleanse. The energy cleanse clears up your energy as well as other lingering energy which could be yours or that others brought into your house.

With a house cleanse you have an added advantage of also cleansing your house of germs which will serve you well at this time.

If you are not feeling the call for an area cleanse but are feeling an emotional pull then you could do an emotional cleanse by writing and then burning or tearing what you have written. Sometimes we feel the need to purge our negativity but don’t have a safe outlet for it and this is a pretty powerful exercise. Just take a pen and paper and write an anger-letter or hate-letter or pain-letter or envy-letter, whatever you feel is either being avoided by you or you would like to release from your system. Write and then burn or tear it up (do not send it or show it to anyone :D). If you feel that there is some release required but you don’t have a handle on what exactly it is – then just get a plain paper and draw/scribble/doodle, do whatever the hand wants to do and then chuck the paper. Ideally use your left hand (ie. non-dominant hand) for both exercises.

None of these are a one time exercise so do what you can over the next few days or all this week. See what feels right for you and follow that.

Thank you so much for your get well wishes, they were much appreciated 💕💕

Btw, the clapping thing yesterday – an excellent way to clear energy!

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