The universe

One thing that’s abundantly clear the last few weeks is the interconnectedness of things. How a Bat from the East can affect a man in the West and everything else in between. I did notice today (thanks to this heightened awareness all around), as I stepped out to run a few errands, just how many people I come in contact with.

Today think about this interconnectedness in your world. Not the negative or positive of it, just notice the fact of it. Take some time to observe the butterfly effect of your actions – especially the ones you are going to take today. The same goes for our thoughts and emotions as well and it’s not just humans around us who are influenced by those but also our animal companions and plants. This of course doesn’t mean you need to be fake cheerful but to just be aware of what’s going on inside and to deal with it in a healthy manner.

When you sit and think about this stuff, it’s mind boggling isn’t it? The ask is not to be overwhelmed by it but to be aware and to make conscious choices. The universe is not only listening but also talking back to us. All we need to do is pay attention.

There may be a message from the universe, could be a new bird or insect you notice or an animal in an unexpected place. Could be a feather dropped by a bird or a bee hive. Tell me if it happens for you, I love to hear the wonder stories.

Have a lovely day.

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