Today’s message is about regeneration and rebirth, about second chances and second wind. It may be that something you had given up on is coming to life again. It could be an opportunity that you thought was dead and gone but is now revived in a new way. It may be that a relationship that you thought was done and dusted is resurrected, albeit in a new way. This doesn’t mean that you need to rush into forgiveness but that it is a second chance for you and for the other to meet in a way that is different from what it was. Whatever it is, this is your opportunity for a do-over, don’t hesitate to jump in this time because this time around it will work out.

The second chance also offers an opportunity to look at failure in the past and to understand the lesson from it. Maybe the earlier time was just the practice run so that you could learn and now is the real opportunity for you. Make sure you don’t dwell upon what didn’t work or what you did wrong, instead focus on the similarity of the situation and the difference in your approach and response to it.

My bit of resurrection is coming back to social media after a long break :). My handle is darpan_tarot and here are the links to them. &

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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