The star

I was sitting with disappointment this weekend as I had to cancel my workshop and then this card came up for the week and my feelings did a u-turn. I wonder how covid-19 is impacting your life? Maybe this message will make sense if it’s been a bit frustrating all around.

The card shows a woman with one foot on the ground and one foot in water, pouring something onto both. The Earth represents the material and the water, the emotional and she is feeding both. The message here is to use this ‘not happening’ time to reflect and to journey inwards. To take that pause because the universe couldn’t be more clear on the message to pause, for all of us. This is the time to feel that connection of the emotional to the body and to the material. We are usually more aware of how the physical makes us feel emotionally but less in-tune with how our emotions are impacting not just our physical body but life around us. This message is to look into the latter so that you can affect change in your life.

The star also reminds us that it needs a night sky and an absent moon to fully appreciate the glory of the stars. So, also look at what is gained because something has not happened. The virus has halted so much but pollution is certainly at much better levels, many of us are getting a much-needed break, and maybe, just maybe some animals will be saved in the bargain as well. What has been gained in your life because something’s not happening?

Use this time for self reflection and maybe to do all the things you put in the back burner because there isn’t enough time. There is something there that needs attention.

Have a lovely Monday 💕

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