Water blessings

I like how this card appears just before Holi. Even though it’s the festival of colours the water element has a big part to play in it. Most festival dates are significant dates in terms of energy and one such significance is that mercury goes direct today. When the retrograde ends there is an opening up of energy and combining it with water energy, which is about birth and rebirth, it should be a rather significant week or two.

It will be much smoother sailing this week, a feeling relief, things smoothening out, communication easier and more effective. Take time to celebrate the turn of the season even if you don’t participate in the festival. Make up your own ritual to celebrate all the abundance life has to offer. Colours represent that – they are a feast for the eyes and maybe you can add some colour in your house, room or work desk.

The blessing from the card is for you to not be thirsty. And it is a reminder to think about what you are thirsting for. Many a time we dismiss our thirst as indulgence, but it is a necessity. At times we mistake our thirst for hunger and we find ourselves dissatisfied. Ask yourself about your thirst and figure out how to slake it. What is the thing that makes you come alive? What can you do to include more of it in your world?

Have an awesome Monday!

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