March 2020

March seems to be ruled by Feminine energy and the Suit of Wands. The suit of wands is associated with the fire element. Fire is hot, wild, unpredictable, and energetic – so, passion, creativity and action will be in the forefront this month. Keep in mind though that fire, like all the elements, can be creative, like helping us to cook food or provide warmth, or it can be destructive, like a house fire. Yin energy is also creative energy buts runs to the passive side. Expect a lot of creation and creativity in March, alternately, try to be more creative in your approach in March. It can mean tuning in to your creative side or indulging in creative efforts or it can mean finding a creative approach to deal with things that crop up. The Wands also come with the energy of action and of doing so you may find yourself in the thick of the action. It may be social or it may be work-related but it is good energy and it will be fed by you as well as feed you. Ride this wave of energy because it will lead you to a good place.

You may find more clarity with your purpose as well as fire also sheds light. A part of this is to do with people. In our journey, we encounter fellow travellers, some of whom spark a resonance in us – the journey is always lighter when taken with people who are similar or who are discovering similar things. It is also a source of comfort and validation that we are going the right way. There are some parts of the journey though that we may need to traverse alone. This is when there is a lift up or a level up – think of it as going up a ladder in the snakes and ladders game – and suddenly you find that your fellow travellers have taken a different path or are much behind and you are mostly on your own. Which is not to say that they won’t find a different ladder up ahead or that you won’t meet them again but now, at this moment, you are mostly on your own. This alone-walking is a really important part of your journey, here there is no validation that the path is right and there may be no companionship, here you have to listen hard to your inner voice which is telling you this is the right road, here you need to march to your own beat. If you are lucky you may have one person which you – this could be a friend or mentor, maybe someone you don’t personally know but you may find yourself drawing strength and belief from this person. Take what you need but do walk this road. Don’t look towards others because now is not the time for you to wait. Trust your inner voice and take the step towards where it is leading you, even when you know you will be walking alone. There is a whole new world waiting for you on the other side.

The first half of the month may not see as much of the promised movement but it is an important time to gauge what movement is right and possible for you. There may be an urge to take action – resist that urge unless you are really feeling it from deep within. Sometimes we get excited when we see others moving and we jump in even if it is not the right time for us. There is an ask to study the resistance you face. Resistance can mean that you need more study and development or it can simply mean that the time is not right. Resist the fear of missing out because you are not missing out on anything. Honour the spirit of resistance and consider your choices and actions with respect to your available time, energy and resources. Also, think through the consequences of your hurried action. It is better to do the due diligence before than to attempt to unravel things later.

The latter part of the month will make you meet people and also make you re-evaluate the people in your life. In this journey, you may find that those you considered allies may not turn out to be so and those you considered enemies are the ones that are responsible for your greatest spiritual growth. All the people we meet are part of our soul contract and some walk with us part of the way, if we are lucky we may have one that accompanies us most of the way, and then there are those who just push us in the right direction. All are important and all are part of our soul group. You are asked to look at people in your life through this lens and you will find your perspective change.

In the course of the month, you may need to remind yourself that you did sign up for this – this life, with all its ups and downs. This is what your soul came here to experience. Fire is also the energy of destruction and there may be things that need to be eliminated so that you can be on the right track to your path. It could mean a relationship, beautiful as it may be, that is making you deviate from your path or a job that is taking you nowhere. Trust that all that is destroyed this month is for your greatest good and it will lead you to someplace wonderful.

Have a lovely March ❤

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