8 of Cups

There comes a time when you recognise that that things are going nowhere – be it a project, a job or a relationship – and the best thing would probably be to walk away from it. Stop and think though if this seems to be a place where you find yourself time and time again.

Stop and think about what it is that you are persuing. Is it something that brings you joy and satisfaction? Or is it something that you think you want but feel hollow after you attain it or are close to attaining it? For example, you may think you want a committed relationship but maybe you just want a deep connection with someone.

This week just pay attention to your wants and desires and ask yourself what really brings you joy, what makes you feel satisfied, what makes you feel fulfilled. Then realign your goals to it. Move away from the trappings of what others want, what they think and what you think you should have and focus on what makes you happy and full.

Some introspection this week will get you a much clearer picture and the universe will send helpful clues your way.

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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