Message from the Bee

I love getting abundance messages and when they happen for the week, they are even sweeter. This week life should be sweet and golden like honey. Some unexpected money or a gift that you will really appreciate. Maybe even an unexpected guest who will fill you with joy.

The gift of abundance varies for people. Abundance is receiving what gives you most joy at that point in time and what is necessary then. It is receiving a dessert just when your sweet tooth demands it. It is a friend popping by just when you are feeling lonely. It could be a gift that is thoughtful and sweet. It could be cash just when your wallet is empty.

Watch out for the synchronicity of abundance that the universe is sending your way this week and of course, see if you can spot a bee or two (from afar :)).

The Bee comes with so much symbolism, the first of which is having faith in miracles. The bee technically should not be able to fly, it’s aerodynamically impossible for it to fly, but fly it does and that is the message from the bee – to believe in yourself, in what you are doing, even when it feels impossible because you just never know what becomes possible.

The bee also believes in work hard and in teamwork but it also takes time to smell the roses. So, work hard but do stop to enjoy life and also include others to share the load and the fruit of your labour will be sweeter.

You can invite the Bee Spirit Guide into your life by planting some pollen and nectar-rich flowers and also having a bee bath around it. Here is some info on it.

Have a bee-utiful week ❤

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