Workshop News.

I’m doing round two of the Movement Forward Workshop at Traya, Dona Paula on 21st-22nd March . This is not a residential workshop but in case you want to come from out of town I can help with stay arrangements – there are a couple of nice places walking distance from Traya, Villa Donna looks really nice.

The Movement Forward workshop is designed to help overcome barriers to the movement towards what we want. In Constellation we call these energy shifts or movements of the soul. Sometimes we want certain things, be it work and success, abundance or relationships but for some reason we find that they are eluding us despite our best efforts. Sometimes the barrier is deep in our subconscious and sometimes it is not us at all and it could be an inherited pattern. In the workshop we will address what is seen and what is unseen by us. Constellation work goes beyond the story or the narrative and goes deep into the heart of the matter so that these shifts can occur. In the workshop are exercises which open up our channels for receiving, setting healthy boundaries and stepping into our personal power.

The workshop will have group exercises as well as individual constellations. The beauty of the individual constellations is that there is something in it for everyone in the room. The two days of immersive work can lead to some really big shifts.

There is no prior work to be done, you just need to come with your wish or desire and let the work take care of it.

We have room for only 4-5 constellations and those will be done on a first come, first serve basis. For the early birds it is priced at 5500/- for both days, inclusive of lunch and tea. Early bird ends 29th Feb, after which the price is 7k. It’s two full days from 10 to 5.

You can reach me at 8459303602 or just hit reply to the mail.

The first workshop at the Island House was really magical and gifts were received by everyone, including me. It gives me so much pleasure to bring constellation work in this way, it is something that I so believe in and I do want to share it forward.

Looking forward to hearing from you ❤️

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