Spirit of Family

It’s a good day to reach out to your family today, not just your blood family but the tribe that you belong to. There is family that we are born into and there is family that we create and neither is more or less than the other. As long as there is a connection to the heart, there is family.

You may find the need to connect with your tribe today. To soak in the warmth and support that comes with knowing that someone has your back. To feel welcome even when you are not understood completely. To feel transported to the feeling of belonging. To just hear a voice, or feel that touch. Whoever that is for you, reach out.

Alternately, you may find that someone from your family is reaching out to you, make sure you take that call as it is an important one for you. If there has been some strife with a family member and it has been on your mind, then you might consider putting an end to hostilities, and you may find it easier to do today.

Feel that love and support even if you are feeling alone or misunderstood. Remember that your family is there for you, be it your physical family or spiritual family.

Have a lovely day <3.

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