Jan 2020

One thing I forgot to touch upon in the Annual reading is that we use the phrase 20-20 in common parlance to describe perfect vision so in 2020, expect to see things clearly, expect your perspective to change (for the better), and maybe even expect your eyesight to get better.

In January, you will have this clarity in the form of a blessing of foresight. Often we take action impulsively or make decisions based on the status quo without thinking about the thread of possibilities that emerge from every moment. As I write this, I have my parents voice in my head saying “why don’t you think through stuff?” and in my defence, they never really explained this process of thinking through things. Each of us will have a different process and the first message for this month is to observe your process of thinking through things. What and how is the process for you? Do you do this thinking-through subconsciously (like sleeping on it overnight) or consciously? Do you look for signs from the universe or do you do your research well? Just witness the process and you will find that you have the ability to see two steps ahead. The universe constantly sends us directions for our path, these could be in the form of numbers, animals, colours etc, so watch for the signs this month.

Being 2020, a lot of this clarity will be about your life purpose as well. Clarity begins with the mind and then the clear intent goes out into the universe where something is birthed and soon manifests. A new thought, a new idea, a new habit, a new way of being, seemingly small can put you on the path to something big. An hour-long art class taken on a whim can set you on the path to becoming an artist. Years later when you look back on this month, that moment, you will recognise the wonder and synchronicity of the universe which set you on this path and all it took was a thought, a whim. There is something that is ready to be birthed this month so follow your fancies and your whims, you don’t need to force yourself to do anything you don’t want to but if there is a desire to explore something new, follow that desire.

The other message for Jan is to witness how you handle conflict. Sometimes we try and avoid conflict till we can’t anymore and then it explodes in our face and sometimes we seek it even when it is not there. It’s not one type or another, both exist within us, we just do more of one versus the other. The first step to any process is to witness it so the cards ask you to observe your relationship with conflict. Is your avoidance so high that you compromise yourself so much till it can’t help but explode? When is the time that you should have spoken up? At what point does it become too late? Do you displace the feeling – be mad at one person and take it out on another? A lot emerges from just seeing your own pattern and actions and you can take some baby steps to deal with conflict differently.

The first ten days of Jan belong to the High Priestess and as it is more or less her year, she is making her presence felt right in the beginning and I suspect that her energy will be felt through the year. The first part of the month will be about taking off the blinkers and seeing clearly. Half the time we don’t even know that we have blinkers on (that, of course, is the purpose of blinkers) and sometimes we need an external resource to point us in the direction that we are not able to see. If you find yourself taken aback by something that someone says, especially if it’s not something that you thought about yourself, then take a moment to reflect if this is cutting through your blinkers. The High Priestess always urges you to look within because she knows that all the answers we seek are within us. Use the external to give you direction and insight and then turn inwards and delve within. The High Priestess has also mastered duality and this is especially helpful when it comes to situations of conflict. When we recognise that there is no other, only our creation of the other, things become so much clearer to us.

Mid Jan is a good time for work and career and you will find smooth sailing in many projects and in financials as well. The Magician is a master manifestor and his reminder to us is that just as we manifest all the good things around us, we also manifest the not-so-good. If we believe that the world is a safe, supportive happy place then that is what we encounter when we step into the world. But if we expect betrayal and suspicion then that is what we face as well. No one can be all positive or all negative all the time and neither is the world, there is a lot wrong and there is a lot right with it. There are lovely people and not-so-nice people. It is up to us to choose how much of our headspace we give to the nicer aspects and how much time we spend dwelling on all that is not right with the world because whichever we spend more time on is what we will manifest more of. Don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth this Jan and accept the good fortune that is coming your way.

Jan will end at a super positive note with new pathways opening up for you. The World will be your oyster. It is a great time to firm up plans and complete projects. This is the time that things will just fall together and you will find that you are fortuitously in the right place, at the right time. Don’t forget to pat yourself in the back and breathe in what you have achieved and accomplished before starting on the next project. Don’t forget to scatter gratitude wherever it is due.

It is possible that you will need to travel around this time. This is not just any travel but significant travel. It can mean meeting someone significant, it can be going to an important meeting or it can be the place which is important for you. Keep your appointment with destiny if travel is in the cards for you around this time.

If you have been following this blog for a while then you will know that in this Jan reading, there was a Major Arcana card every week, which means that this is a rather significant month of this year. This many Major Arcana cards also imply great change, especially at the spiritual level. Looks to be an interesting first month in a really interesting year. I would be curious to hear how it goes for you and I wonder if you would be keen to track this month for yourself?

Have an awesome Jan!

PS: The daily readings start from Monday

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