You may be tempted today to follow someone else. Maybe their thoughts and ideas seem more appealing to you than yours or maybe you just don’t want to fight for yours. Maybe you are thinking that the tried and tested is the safer option to go with. Today’s card asks you to reconsider that and asks you to believe in yourself and your own original ideas, even when you are unsure of them.

be your authentic self

The card today also asks you, maybe even demands you to be completely, unabashedly, be exactly who you are. Don’t try to fit in or put on a false front for anything or anybody. Even if it seems that something will slip through your fingers and even if it does, don’t compromise on who you are. Be weird, be feisty, be introverted, be whoever it is that you are. If you get rejected then at least it is for who you are and not for something that you are not.

Be comfortable in your skin and show the world what it looks like to be an original.

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