Give yourself some credit.

Sometimes we look at others and the ease with which they manoeuvre life and we are tempted to wonder what is wrong with us. The card today is a reminder that those who have ease in relationships may not necessarily be good at relationships and those who are in challenging relationships may not be bad at relationships. Same goes for work and for life in general.

Maybe you are able to whip up a meal effortlessly but you don’t pay attention to that because you find something else a challenge. Maybe you are a fabulous mother but you just take that in your stride. Maybe you are awesome at work but house stuff just eludes you. You are a gift to this universe and the universe wants you to know how much you are appreciated.

Today is a good day to think about all the stuff that is effortless for you and give yourself some credit for it. We all have different challenges we face, none of them any less than another. And just because we face challenges doesn’t mean that we are not good at it – it just means that there are challenges! Challenge just means that we need to put in some work into it and if another seems to breeze by, remember that the work is being done by that person in another sphere.

Make sure to appreciate yourself today, maybe even treat yourself for a job well done ❤

Btw, it’s an epic full moon tonight, 12th day of the 12th month and at 12.12 AM apparently. Seems like an excellent conversation to have with the Moon Goddess, for her to throw some light on you and all that you bring to this world.

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