Exploring the unknown.

There is a newness in your inner and outer world and with newness comes unexplored territory. There are paths that you may have been uncomfortable treading in the past or some places which were too full of shadows, but if you look at the same paths you will realise that there is excitement instead of trepidation and the shadow world looks quite inviting. Many things that you thought were not-for-you maybe beckoning to you now.

deep dark sea mermaid, lucy cavendish

Look again at all that you may have rejected in the past and you may find that earlier the time may not have been right but now it is. You are different from what you used to be and things which didn’t seem right earlier may feel right for you now. This could be work or relationships, it could be thoughts or beliefs, or it could even be a perception of the self.

As you get comfortable in the depths the shadows won’t scare you as much. Maybe you have undertaken a journey towards finding your true self – at some point or another we take and retake this journey – and as you explore all the facets of yourself that you like, you will sooner or later be drawn into your shadow self, the facets you would rather not look at. The beauty and wonder of your shadow self will only be revealed when you take a few steps in. Don’t be afraid to dive in because this is an absolutely wondrous place and you will fall so deeply in love with yourself when you meet your shadow self.

This is an invitation to explore the dark, unknown places and to fall in love with the shadows and darkness.

In more practical terms, if you are faced with a problem today, look at solving it by trying something unexpected, something you may not have done before. If you have lost something and are looking for it, you will find it in the back of a cupboard or drawer – somewhere where the light doesn’t reach easily.

Stay in the shade today ❤

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