3 of Swords.

The Three of Swords is my least favourite card in the Tarot deck and I always cringe when it appears. The imagery of the card says it all. You may experience a setback or disappointment today, maybe your heart will be hurt by another’s thoughtless words or actions. I feel it’s not a major heartbreak because it is a card for the daily reading but there is some hurt. The option is to shrug it off or to use this hurt to dig deeper into what the underlying pattern is.

The recommendation is always to cry it out because that is the best form of release. Whatever your expression is, indulge in it and then release it. After the cry, you could try and figure out what your trigger was – why did it hurt you so? What do you feel – rejected, abandoned, betrayed? When and where have you felt those feelings before? Just exploring this may bring you clarity and also calm you down. Try not to jump into this step before releasing the emotion that you carry. The learning you glean from the experience is not to be at the expense of experiencing the emotion.

3 of swords tarot card meaning

Remember that pain exists to tell you where it hurts, be it physical or emotional. With physical hurt, the area itself feels the pain. With emotional hurt, you may need to close your eyes and get in touch with your body and sense where in the body it hurts – and you may be surprised at what the body shows you. Sometimes your body just needs the acknowledgement from you and as you get in touch with your body it feels much better immediately.

As for the other – know that if the person is saying unkind words to you then they are saying double the unkind words to themselves. Most of the time when people feel the need to put someone down is when they think the person is higher than them. There is pain and insecurity and fear in the other which gets transferred to what they say and do. A person needs to feel absolutely safe to be able to be kind to another. People who feel unsafe are often unkind. You don’t have to be kind if you are not feeling it but you can understand that it isn’t about you at all, it’s what the person is going through themselves.

Big hug to you today ❤

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