December 2019

It’s the end of the year and typically the December reading would be about endings and completion but it feels like a new beginning actually started about a week back. It has been an atypical year with all the fits and starts, the long pauses that end with a flurry of activity. It has been a really introspective year as well, almost like there was a force that pushed you to think about things without and look and see within. The push was important I see now because, for something new to be borne, some deep thought is essential. Most of my attention was on this year being the year of the Hanged Man, what I missed was that this year is the end of a decade and a new decade will start in a month. The turn of a decade is a pretty significant event and this one especially so because the turn will give us a master number year (more about this in the Jan reading :)). So, in a sense this has been a year of endings and the what I thought of as fits and starts…maybe some of them were simply small endings which needed to happen. How was this year for you? Did you notice the pauses? Did some closure happen for you?

The first message for December is to flip it upside down so the last month of the year is a month of new beginnings. If there is something that you thought you would start in the new year, consider starting it now in December or watch for some information or opportunity that will make it possible to start right away.

the hero's journey card deck, flip it upside down

It may be that things get flipped upside down around you or that there is an opportunity for you to flip them around in your mind. It is a natural instinct of ours to run away from our fears or to struggle when we feel that we are sinking. Flipping it around will mean that standing up to what we fear and surrendering instead of struggling, both are opportunities for growth and of owning your personal power. In an upside-down world, we can look at destruction and say that something new is being born here. We can look at an ending and simply see it as change. We are able to see that the worst thing to happen is actually a blessing in disguise.

Flipping things can be magical and it is looking at the world through the eyes of a dreamer. Something that seemed interfering can be seen as care. It can be the same stuff but looked at with the dreamer’s eyes, it becomes completely different. We use this at work and for problem-solving all the time – think outside the box we say but what if we were outside the box all the time, how much more wonderful could regular life be. When I’m upside down, I’m right side up is a good mantra for December.

the hero's journey card deck, ocean of emotion

The second message for December is to dive into the depth of your emotions. The time for dipping your toes had passed and it is time to go in and experience the full gamut of emotions that you carry. For many of us, even as we learn to figure what we are feeling, we are at a loss of how to express it. Many times we try and express our emotions in a calm and gentle manner. These emotions are not meant to be expressed this way. Joy wants to shriek out from the rooftops, sadness demands tears and anger wants to hit out at someone. It doesn’t have to be with other people, you are self-sufficient enough to do these by yourself. A pillow is the most amazing companion when it comes to expressing emotions. You can throw it in the air in exuberance, you can snuggle with it for comfort and you can punch it in anger. Cultivate a healthy relationship with your trusty pillow consciously and it will serve you well.

Keep track of your emotions with respect to your body and to the moon as well. If it is moon time then respect that and take it easy for a few days. If the moon is full and you feel the urge to dance naked, do it. Our sexuality is deeply connected to our emotions. We cannot be or feel sexy and spontaneous if we don’t feel safe and that’s something to deep dive into. Our sexuality is not necessarily satisfied by having sex with someone, it is much more internal than that. It is the feeling of boldness within, of taking what we want without waiting for permission. It is important this month to explore this side of the yin (the yin side of man or woman), the sensual, sexual, spontaneous side.

the hero's journey card deck, the magic zone

The last message for December is that you have entered the magic zone, the zone where you have left who you were and not yet become who you are meant to be. This is a time for great shaping and moulding and the universe is doing its part and you can help by being aware of the shape you want to take. There is a new energy at play here, a childlike wonder at this new creation, and even the playfulness of a child. Let this child come out to play even when you are adulting. Keep the innocence of the child and the magic of creativity alive in all your endeavours because this will enable you to be who you want to be. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process and if you find yourself acting like a child at times don’t chastise yourself.

It’s a short reading this month because the rest of the cards I pulled out are more or less the same and this seems to be the main message for now.

The changeover for you has already begun and you are in this delicious space of becoming. There is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself like never before. This divine gap between who you were and who you are becoming is a cause of celebration. The universe is already in celebration, be bold, be spontaneous, be weird and join in the reverie.

Have a fantastic month ❤

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